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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stanzi, not Orton should start and why...

Sunday against the Packers will most likely not see Tyler Palko, Ricky Stanzi but Kyle Orton as the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.  Most fans are happy with the decision to move Palko down and there's a split of Chiefs fans on Orton or Stanzi.  But new interim coach, Romeo Crennel, made his decision to start Orton if he's ready to go.  Probably not true, Orton will probably start if he's not a 100 percent.  He's already stated as he's going to wear a special glove come Sunday to soften the impact on his finger.  The Chiefs organization spent a few million dollars for the rest of the season and that most likely means, they want to get their money's worth out of him taking some lumps rather than a future quarterback project like Stanzi.  The problem is, it's still not the right decision for the future of the Kansas City Chiefs.

We've seen rookies come onto the field and play this year already with different teams.  Some have looked sharp at times and some have looked like rookies at times, it's expected if you have an sane mind.  With all the quarterback issues for the Chiefs, the organization settles for someone like Orton to get us through the season.  I have no issues with Orton thus far as he hasn't played a game for the Chiefs and more than likely in 3 more games, he's no longer part of the Chiefs organization again.  The Chiefs will let Orton move on and take their comp pick and set sights on 2012.  It's what they should be doing now.  Orton may win a game or two but than what...most likely nothing.  They aren't going to cut Matt Cassell and bring Orton back as their starting qb.  If it happens, I'll admit that I thought the Chiefs organization had a better staff in place and that I was completely wrong.  I'm sure many will agree and that Orton won't be back.  Will he resign to be the backup, doubt it.  He didn't like sitting behind Tebow, so why would he like to sit here?

The Chiefs Super Bowl starts this week with the Packers.  No, the Chiefs aren't heading to the playoffs but with an upset of the undefeated Packers, this win would mean a lot to many players, coaches, and executives.  It would be something special.  It would be more special if Ricky Stanzi was the Chiefs QB that did it.

The Chiefs have something special, its sitting right there...but they still don't know what it is or how to grasp it.  Mizzou fans might not agree, Hawkeye haters might dislike it, but Ricky Stanzi is that something special that can be built on.  Maybe his football skills wont make that happen, maybe he won't succeed in the NFL.  Than again, theres the chance that he could be the quarterback the Chiefs just need.  Reporters and others might knock Stanzi for their view and opinion of a guy and what they see in practice or what they hear from others.  They seem all determined that he's not ready.  But some athletes carry a winning attitude, a swagger, or just a simple knack for making the plays that makes not only them, but their teams a winner.  People still doubt Tebow.  There's still a chance he's a one-year wonder, but Denver is loving every moment of it.  The guy is selling Denver fans, NFL fans, and many others because he comes out as a winner.  You can knock the guy for his lesser quarterback skills, but you can't knock him down as a loser, cause he wins more than he loses.  Being on the NFL field changes some guys from average to stars.  If every reporter, coach, and scout was right about every guy who got drafted or practiced, some stars would never get the chance.  Some times it takes an injury to find your star, ask former Cheifs Trent Green who lost his job to the undrafted Kurt Warner.  Did people knock Warner, I'm sure they did.  But when Warner was on the field, he was different, he was a star.  So here's Kansas City's chance... they've got an opportunity to see if there is one... but they seem afraid to grasp it.

Ricky Stanzi may never play a down in the NFL, than again he may be a star.  I don't know, you don't know, and no one will know until the kid gets a chance to play on any given Sunday.  He may have an okay game and emerge later or he may just be another guy waiting for his chance.  But... the fans are intrigued with Stanzi, you've heard it during a pre-season game when Stanzi became the loudest ovation at Arrowhead.  We saw him start to lead a comeback against the Rams, yet was pulled before he could get it done for Tyler Palko, and the spirit faded... 

Stanzi's spirit is there, he possibly could be a good change for Arrowhead.  Already, stanzi the manzi, the Stanzi City Chiefs, love it or leave it, USA, and stanzination has been heard on Arrowhead.  If this guy makes it, Kansas City Chiefs got more than just a quarterback, they got representation that other teams won't have... thats #USA's quarterback.  Cowboy's might be America's team, but Stanzi possibly could be America's quarterback.  Some don't get all the hoopla of Stanzi's proud and rich USA showmanship.  I get it... he's living the American Dream...

Friday, December 2, 2011

Stanzi City Chiefs Hoodie Official Order Form

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