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Thursday, August 4, 2011

What do you think of my designed Ricky Stanzi Shirt?

Shirt is for sale now... on another blogpost of mine.  thanks
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So here's my design for my new Stanzi City Chiefs shirt.  It's for personal use but as a fan of Ricky Stanzi, I think it will look great.  Any thoughts out there on the design?  Maybe I should do a contest and give a few away?  Any contest ideas on this one?  Predict his yard in a pre-season game?  Who know's... leave your thoughts and I'll come up with something.


  1. I'm a big Cassel fan but I will admit that it's a sharp looking shirt and pretty clever. I wish the best to Stanzi but I'm hoping Cassel is doing well in KC for a while.

    Nice shirt though.


  2. And if its easier you can message me thru twitter like some have if you are interested in these shirts. twitter name is nickauge


  3. where can we buy these?

  4. Currently working on a way to get them in the hands of people who are wanting them. Best thing to do is if your interested, either leave an email with size or follow me on twitter @nickauge so when I get the message out, you get it or check back on here in the coming days. thanks!

  5. You can win one of these shirts if you make a guess in the comments section and are closest to predicting Stanzi's stats for the first game

    Check it out at this link