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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My next t-shirt mission... We Got Coke...r Iowa shirt

This is just a rough copy with the saying I'm using for my next shirt.  I'm currently working on the design as of now but kind of will depic the whole adam robinson to marcus coker Iowa story with the phrase "Who Needs Weed...We got (have) Coke...r"™ .  Probably a Go Hawks or something on the back...

Still working on the layout and back will probably read Go Hawks.  Hope to have finished design done asap. 

Any thoughts on this one from anyone?

1 comment:

  1. Too funny! Man Im gonna miss A-Rob's running game but not his damn antics. Hope to see more great shirts from you Nick. Seen one of your Stanzi City shirts in Coralville, what a great shirt!