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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thoughts on 2012 Kansas City Royals All-Star Game Logo

Courtesy of Major League Baseball
The Kansas City Royals today announced the logo for the Mid-Summer Classic in 2012. 

The logo says "Kansas City Royals" when you look at it.  The crown on top along with the Royal's Blue colors is a perfect setting for the 2012 All-Star game. 

The 2012 All-Star game will turn out to be successful in most areas but the question probably remains, would have it been better if it was at a downtown park in Kansas City?

The travel to Kauffman Stadium to downtown(I assume they will have most activities in the downtown) wont be an easy trip for anyone trying to catch the at the park activties along with the All-Star event and festivities of the week.  I'm sure we will all wait to see what will happen and take place.  I love the the stadium as it is now, its a beautiful park, but do I wish it was downtown at certain times?  Yes I do.  There's not much to do at the stadium where it is now after the game, where if it was downtown, you can stroll along and find something to do if you so choose.

I guess this is the perfect opportunity for Kansas City to show off their town but most of all, to show off why they chose to keep a stadium where it was instead of building something new, something downtown.  Here's the opportunity for the city leaders as well as the Royals organization, I hope they make the most of it.  I'll enjoy it either way most likely, but like many, I'll probably wonder... what if???

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