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Monday, August 1, 2011

Sean "P.Diddy" Combs Son, Justin, a Possible Iowa Hawkeye?

Here's a link to recruit Justin Combs, the son of famous hip-hop star P.Diddy.

Can you imagine a Hawkeye game at Kinnick stadium with Tom Arnold, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and now possibly P.Diddy all in attendance?

It actually seems like this kid actually might be a really good player as Illinois has already offered a scholarship and has done well against some good receivers in high school.  In the article, it says that the Hawkeyes as well as the Cyclones and others are also interested in him.

But here's a thought, Iowa's making strides at becoming more and more recognizable by the national media for their recent years of continous success.  But they still are not at the top and haven't been able to bring in top 5 star recruits when up against many other top programs.  Obviously, Ferentz and his staff have done more than most by getting the most out of their 2,3, and 4 star athletes.  Sometimes things haven't worked, but they have created some top level talent from kids that others didn't think too highly of.  Bringing in a kid like Combs could be a scholarship that might be worth it on a public relations point. Can you imagine the possiblitiy of P.Diddy or other music stars, producers, others wearing Hawkeye gear(hats, shirts, etc.)? 

This may be one scholarship that has value even if he somewhat fails.  It could produce more free advertising than any other recruits could during their stay at a university or college.  Could there also be issues or failures? I'm aware there could be.  I guess it's something Iowa and other schools will have to decide.

Just a quick thought, can you imagine an in-home visit between Ferentz and P.Diddy discussing Justin Combs?  It would be great if that could be shown on the Big-Ten network?  I'm suprised P.Diddy hasn't discussed a show with MTV yet on featuring a show called "Recruiting Justin Combs".  It may be a violation but hip-hop may not be my thing, but I'm sure I would tune-in to watch if he Justin choose the Black and Gold cap at the end.

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  1. Ashton Kutcher and P. Diddy are pretty close I thought. Maybe that will help in recruiting him to Iowa. Just a thought. Good Article though, Thanks for sharing!