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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stanzi City Chiefs Shirt

Thanks to all for the positive comments on the shirt.  Maybe I could get a call from the Chiefs Marketing Department, doubt it.

Anyways, the picture is a live front photo shot of the front, and the back says "Love It or Leave It".  It turned out great, happy with it.

I'll be wearing it live tonight at the Chiefs Practice.  Hope to hear someone yell, "Touchdown Stanzi City Chiefs".

Don't forget that you can win one of these shirts in one of my previous posts. 

Also thanks to all the posts, retweets, people that have came and looked, a special shout-out to for the numerous people flowing from their site to the blog to check the shirt out.  Thanks again to all!

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  1. I will buy a small and an extra large. Advise

  2. Please email at to help you bobravenscroft. thanks!