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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stanzi is a KC Chief...

I'm pretty happy with the Chiefs selection of Ricky Stanzi.  If I liked tatoos, I'd probably get one like Stanzi that his him Born in the U.S.A. but my birthyear would replace his.  Not all people like Stanzi, I personally do.  He has his issues, but he's a guy that lives and dies by the American Dream.  The "Love it or Leave it" attitude.  I respect that from the young quarterback. 

I also am fortunate to live close by to the Chiefs Training Camp and hope the lockout ends so Stanzi comes to St. Joseph, Missouri and I get to see the sight of Moeaki and Stanzi together again but this time in Chiefs gear.  It's a great day for Hawkeyes and Chiefs fans. 

Great article on Espn on Stanzi, I've included it below.  GO CHIEFS!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Tornado in Alabama...have you seen this video?

To all those that were affected by this massive tornado I can only think and pray for you.  This video that was captured is a little shaky but is still good, show the massive tornado pretty close...

A 1 year old with soccer skills...

I grew up playing soccer, so did my at least two of my older brothers.  Not sure on my oldest brother if he ever played or not, I actually can't recall him playing the game of soccer, his dream I believe was to be a baseball player, jacking homeruns for the Cubs.  Most of my friends, classmates played soccer since we were young and did throughout high shool.  As we grew older, our teams were usually good, probably because we played together all the time. 

But it's kids like the kid in the video below that probably start at such a young age that truly turn kids into future stars and champions.  It usually starts with a parents dreams wanting so "much" for their kids that they mold these kids from day 1 into fierce competitors.  Is it right for a parent to do that?  It's not really for me to judge others parenting skills, as you should really only focus on what's best for you and your kids.  There are times, where you may need to speak up when you see something that shouldn't be happening like abuse, etc.  But parents molding a kid at a young age usually in the sports world is sometimes looked down upon by other parents who think they are pressuring their kid too much.  Maybe they are, but maybe they are just wanting more for their kids in life too, its not a fact, just a matter of opinion. 

Athletes many times are more popular or have a higher social status with other kids in school.  Athletes who are succesful(which is rare in most cases) receive college scholarships and if they are fortunate to become a pro athlete, make much more than the average salary of the working-class.  Athletes gain fame locally and regionally by peers, adults, or anyone that takes interest in sports.  Seldom does a person get published in the paper for being ordinary, but many high school athletes make the paper nightly for the stats in the sports world.  It doesn't make it right, but its something to ponder on.  It's okay to want more for your children, but they may not turn out to be what you hoped they would be.  If they aren't the athlete that you had hoped or strived for, it doesn't mean you failed or the kids a failure, it just wasn't in their genes to be what you thought they should be.  It doesn't mean you shouldn't love them as much or any differently than you would if they were the kid in the band, the unpopular kid, or any other sorts. 

But don't blame a parent for trying to help their kid to become more as well.  If they are being pushed beyond their means or it's not something they want to do, hopefully the parent will be able to see it or the kids lets them know. 

Here's a kid on video that seems to enjoy his skills at such a young age, he may have future talent, but it doesn't appear as if a parent is doing anything wrong, just teaching this kids had to score...... and it looks fun.  I definitely get it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A political thought on choices...

We are taught from childhood to make wise, independent choices and decisions that are the best and smartest for each of us.  But why do republicans and democrats only want you to choose one side all the time?

-Nickolas L Auge April 27, 2011

Your thoughts?

Playoff Tickets or A McDonald's Value Meal?

And they say the economy is getting better...

I just went to and was checking prices on NBA playoffs tickets, not that I am going or anything but does San Antonio really not care that Spurs are playing in the playoffs or do they just despise the Memphis Grizzlies that much.  Spurs might have trouble winning because the lack of fan support they are getting in these playoffs.  A ticket to tonights game, actually several tickets are available for $6.00, with several others costing $7, $8, $9 and lots more under $15.00/each.

By the time you click on the link above, they could vary depending on the start of the game or the link may be acutally gone, but yes, there was plenty of tickets for about the same price as a value meal at McDonald's.  Actually going thru the drive-thru at Wendy's fast food would cost more than a single ticket to the Spurs playoff game.  How is that?  Maybe its just the state of the NBA.  There's plenty of basketball fans out there but I can tell you that there are many others that just don't care for the NBA game.  I prefer the NBA much better during the playoffs, as the season sometimes just seems like a drag unless there is a major hype on a game.  Sometimes watching the highlights on just seems more interesting than sitting on the couch watching a regular season NBA game of two of the "lesser" winning teams in the NBA.  Some games I do enjoy, but I feel that sometimes there is not much "team" or "coaching" aspect to the NBA game.  I prefer college basketball as it just seems that the passion by the players is there all season long, while the NBA players appear to get up for only "big-time" matchups or when the playoffs come, occasionally maybe when there is a battle for a last playoff spot.  The regular season, sometimes feels like the NFL's Pro-Bowl, where the game doesn't matter so much, but seeing the stars of the sports world matters most.

The Chicago Bulls matchup against the Indiana Pacers had a $67.00 price tag for a stading-room only ticket for game 1 in Chicago.  Thats $61.00 more than watching a playoff game in San Antonio, quite a jump.  I ventured over to and saw only 6 tickets left at $20.00 for the Spurs game and the Bulls cheapest ticket was again standing room only for $63.99.  Man how times have changed.  I can't remember the last time I could see any live professional major sporting event for the price of a value meal.

Has San Antonio just seen so much success in recent years of the Spurs, that this season isn't that special?  Wal-Mart today announced that their core-shoppers are becoming broke.  Maybe we should just realize that the economy isn't better, its that the majority of people are paying bills and living on less or paying higher insurance costs.  That's less disposable income to around for NBA playoff tickets, even if they are $6.00.  You have to include parking, gas, and food and drinks and the night goes from the price of a value meal to a sit-down meal at the Cheesecake Factory with getting cheesecake for dessert and having a specialty drink or two.  More people are passing on free tickets from give-aways, promotions, or friends because they figure the travel costs into their decision as well. 

While the NFL players and its owners bicker on the millions they want or aren't getting, the "average joe" is cooking smaller meals and budgeting their normal expenses and wondering if there will be anything left over at the end of the week for a "Netflix rental".  Maybe that's exaggerating a little, but for some its not.  While $6.00 may seem cheap for a playoff ticket, others may need that $6.00 to get by until their next paycheck.  It's different times, but its the world we live in right now, whether you like it or not, its becoming fairly common.  Unemployment rate may go down, but alot of peoples savings accounts need to get built back up before some will splurge, even if it's just for a $6.00 playoff ticket.  Times are tight, I definitely get it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where will Stanzi go?

Ricky Stanzi, the quarteback from Iowa has been projected all over-the-board in various mock drafts.  Some predict he's capable of being a first round draft pick all the way to mid to late end-of-the-draft type of quarterback.  I've seen some latest drafts having Seattle or Minnesota taking him in the second round a few picks before another fellow Hawkeye Tyler Sash.  Personally, I believe he will be one of the better future NFL quarterbacks in the league.  His comparisons to Tom Brady can be linked but nobody is like that of Tom Brady.  But Stanzi does have statistics that can be compared to at the collegiate level of Tom Brady. 

Stanzi may end up in the second round to one of those teams that need a quarterback.  The Chiefs may end up picking Stanzi in the 3rd round as well.  The Seahawks are interested as well.  One of these teams will choose Stanzi and may get the QB of the draft.  He's been under the radar before and performed with poise and passion for the game and his play.  He may not be everyone's perfect quarterback or on everyone's draft want lists.  But if your wanting a quarterback who's willing to wait in the shadows, who will try his best and perform, there's a guy named Ricky Stanzi.  Cam Newton may have the sportlight, and other quarterbacks may get picked before Stanzi.  But for the team that drafts Ricky Stanzi, they definitely get it.

Did you see this Hockey Fight?

I get it. Hard check leads to big fight.  Did you happen to see this Russia vs Finland Hockey fight?

Hawkeyes Need a Fran-Wow!

It's been a long time, I get it.  The Iowa Hawkeye's Men's Basketball team need some scrappy huscle-type play of Ryan Bowen or all-intensity of the late Chris Street.  The Hawkeyes got a little jump now that Coach Fran is in town.  Fans are adapting to his style and hoping the recruiting comes along.  But the excitement is slowly coming back, faster than many might of thought especially for a team that didn't finish above .500 again this past season.  

The Hawkeyes are usually decked out and black and gold at games.  Fans of Iowa haven't seen mass basketball merchandise hysteria since that of probably the "In Memory of" t-shirts or maybe the introduction of the Hawk's Nest era.  I'm not sure, Im basing my sales figures on what my eyes have scanned from the fans, so it may be a little off, especially during the games where the Hawks are getting blown out.  I know we're no Duke, UNC, or some other top program in men's basketball, but Carver Hawkeye Arena can still be a "loud" place to play. 

The Hawks need something more than just a better team.  Players, don't take it personal, but a few top-notch players would help.  We need a gimmick, a promotion of sorts that every Hawk fan latches on to.  What we need is a "FRAN-WOW!"  There's been the terrible towel, the homer hanky, and all sorts of other things in sports fans hands, what we need is a towel parody of the "sham-wow".  Every game, fans wave the Fran-Wow, and root for their beloved Hawks.  The sham-wow was rated by CNBC as the #1 rated infomercial of all time.  Maybe the Fran-Wow will make the Hawkeyes the #1 rated basketball team of all time. 

So when the Hawkeye fans are rocking-the-house waving the "Fran-Wow" towel at Carver Hawkeye Arena, Hawkeyes will be winning, and maybe than, other teams will get it.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Is it the end of the world.... Facebook is down

Facebook is popular, I get it.  Facebook is down or is it the end of the world?  What will people do without Farmville, Mafia Wars, Cafe World, or many of the other popular games?  How can we update our status to say we are eating at McDonald's down the street?  Don't get me wrong, I'm on facebook daily but I am one who can live without for moments of time or nights here and there.  But for some, the addiction is there that they will complain to everyone in sight, that they are going to threaten everyone and everything if they cant get back on facebook at that certain moment.  It will be okay people, Im sure it will be back up and you'll be able to update your status to let everyone know, that facebook is back up.  Like we didn't already know if we are reading your status.

So Facebook addicts, I'm sure they are working on it, not everything is perfect, maybe someday you'll get it. 

Ohio State (OSU) Needs to Fire Jim Tressel

Winning is important, I get it.  But knowingly cheating to get those wins shouldn't be accepted in college athletics.  Jim Tressel knew his players was doing wrong and his emails to others proves those facts.  Jim Tressel decided it was important to cover it up and not let university officials know of the findings, because winning was more important at the moment.

I've been to the 'shoe and watched Ohio State play.  The atmosphere was outstanding and there's not many that put on a better show of college football than they do in Columbus, Ohio.  Buckeye fans consider Ohio State football as their pro team even though several pro teams are within distance of Buckeye land.  The crowd sings together and all marvel when the band member dots the "i" every home game.  Ohio State football is an excellent product thats not a hard sell. 

Tressel isn't well liked by all the fans.  His choice of style of play has thrown some fans into tantrums and wanted him "ousted" before.  Tressel might be a good or even great overall coach.  But he's not above the program and he isn't the only ambassador for Ohio State Football.  Most universities look beyond the cheating, scandals, etc.when their coach is considered "elite".  Ohio State doesn't need to and shouldn't.  Tressel isn't Ohio State.  Ohio State is Ohio State.  The program is top notch and will be with or without Tressel in the future.  There may be a "downturn" if any sanctions exist that hurts the program for a short time.  But a few years after, I'm sure Ohio State will be right back in the running for Big Ten and National Championships. 

Tressel simply putting it, cheated.  He cheated his players, his team, his university, his job, and his integrity.  He let down many people, and he may be the most successuful hated coach Ohio State has ever had.  His record may be great, but his reputation may have the biggest losing record.  He earned that loss of respect and integrity.  Can he or should he have a second chance if Ohio State does eventually fire him?  He could and probably should as people do make mistakes and second chances should be granted and taken advantage of.  But if that second chance happens, will Tressel get it?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A special message...

Just wanted to wish and each and everyone of you a Happy Easter on this day!  Hope all had a great time and spent time with your family or loved ones. Again thanks for all readers that keep checking the blog out.  Take care and be safe!

Kronum... The next big sport???

I get it...  To help with the economy we need a new sport to help create jobs, pay huge salaries, and to take the overall well-accomplished athletes that our multiple sport athletes and make them great at 1 sport, and that would be at Kronum.  I do think this sport looks pretty cool on the highlights but will it ever go over???  Will you "get it"?

check out the new revolution sport below and make your own opinion

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lebron James "Breaks his own Ankles"

I get it.  Lebron James is one of the best NBA players.  Doesn't mean I have to like him as player for a team I'm not a fan of.  But it should mean, you have to give him credit as the great player he is.  You may disagree, but you shouldn't especially after some of the spectacular plays he has with each game he plays.  He didn't really break his ankles, but this play is a metaphor for that exact statement.  If you aren't impressed with LeBron, maybe after waching this video of a dazzling play, you'll come to realize it and be okay with saying the statement, "I get it".

Still Waiting for the Amish Athlete breakthrough...

Maybe, just maybe, I think I get it.  While traveling this week for work, I hit a road that had a detour off the highway into some backroads.  On these backroads, I discovered homes being costructed by long-bearded men who had horse carriages parked in front of these homes.  These men seemed to be hard-workers but out of the hundred or so people working on these homes along this stretch, I only seen one woman, who only appeared for a brief moment as she walked out from her front door onto the porch and than back inside.

A little further down the road I seen a few of the younger boys taking a break from their work and hitting a large softball with their wooden bats.  It was one kid that smacked the ball and the other kids chased after it.  I stopped and watched for a few minutes, and than after a few more times of "chasing the ball," another bearded man came along and said something to the boys in which they all quickly got back to their chores. 

I quickly thought about the 90's parody hit by Weird Al of "Amish Paradise and realized that this didn't seem like a "paradise" at all.  I don't know alot about the Amish and I read and investigated some when I got home and still don't know alot.  They live by a different set of rules based alot on their own religious beliefs.  Doesn't mean their wrong or right, its their lifestyle and believes to live and choose from and that, I get.  But I thought, is this undiscovered talent.  I thought about the movie "Kingpin".  The movie that had an amish man who was one of the best bowlers there was.  Yeah, the movie wasn't real but are there some of these Amish citizens that could be very good athletes.  As I read more on the Amish background, it said that many of the groups enjoyed playing softball and volleyball.  But they don't play in organized leagues with teams, coaches, or umpires.  It's kind of like us as neighborhood kids getting together to play a game in the front yard with wiffle balls or tennis balls.  Those were fun times.

But as I researched further, I could never find a famous Amish athlete.  It suprises me that out of all these settlements in 24 states and Ontario, Canada that not one has produced a famous athlete.  Not one has left the "Amish Paradise" for a chance at becoming a "famous, pro" athlete.  Maybe they have tried and not succeeded.  It just suprises me.  I've heard of people leaving Indian tribes and colonies and moving on to becoming an athlete but not of an Amish.  So is there a chance for an opportunity of undiscovered talent in the "Amish" world?  Maybe, or maybe not.  Maybe there is nothing to discover but I would think at some point in time, a needle would be discovered in the haystack. 

Maybe the Amish really just value their beliefs and want to live that lifestyle more than having a million dollar contract.  Maybe they just really value family and their own pursuit of their dreams, than the pursuit of becoming a famous athlete.  Maybe they just dont want to break the traditions that they are taught and are scared to scatter off into the options that we are afforded.  Maybe I shouldn't care, but maybe I'm intrigued as well as to why they care about not going after any type of "monetary gains".  Maybe the sports world doesn't intrigue them as much as it does for people like you and me.  Maybe they love the "fun" of the game and not the "money" of the game.  Maybe they just really love their families, and on that, I definitely get it.

Just for fun, heres a link for the Amish Paradise youtube video....

Friday, April 22, 2011

Gonna be quick....errr LA...LAKERS

I get it by now.  The Hornets game 1 win was a fluke.  I was hoping for different.  Me Being a Boston Celtics fan, I can't ever root for the Lakers, could I?  No, I can't.  Why did New Orleans get me all excited after game 1 and now everything in the middle is BORRRRING!  Why is it boring, because the Lakers are winning.  I'm not a fan of the lakers or Kobe, never will be, its just going to be that way and I'm sure many people feel the same about the Celtics and good for them.  I'm disappointed the Hornets aren't playing it closer, but before game 1, I didn't expect them to win a game.  I guess I should be happy with their 1 lost.  How bout' them Celtics though?

It's going to be very short tonite, long day and tired out.  I just wanted to point out the facts and that there will most likely be no illusion of a fairy tale team beating out my team's evil nemesis.  So it's simple to figure out, Hornets will lose, Lakers will win.  Dammit, but I get it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cody Ross and Brian Wilson Join an Internet Sensation.... Keenan Cahill

I get it.  Keenan Cahill is an internet sensation!  This kid, or 16 year old(?) has got me to smile watching his youtube hits.  I thought his acting/singing to Teenage Dream was great, but now World Series SF Giants players Brian Wilson and Cody Ross join up with Keenan to perfom Dynamite.  Absolutely great, and the mascot of the Giants even joins in.

The Giants beat my Texas Rangers last year and I should despise these guys.  I should want to chew these guys up and spit on them, and than rub my nasty smelly shoe all over their crumbs.  But I can't now, maybe I'm too nice, or maybe Brian Wilson just scares the living double hockey sticks out of me.  And for those that don't follow baseball, he's not a Beach Boys Singer.  

Now after watching these guys with Keenan, I have to give them the respect they are due.  Not only can they play the game of baseball, they can have fun, and they too can join up with a kid and make another almost million views to Keenan's Youtube hit.  Keenan doesn't need these guys to get viewers, he gets them.  Yes, there are haters and people who may not like it.  But seriously, it's funny and some good stuff.  The kids has actions that just make the video that much better.  

So I'm sharing the video link for you below, and I hope you get a laugh out of it like I did.  If you think its good, make sure you view his other hits, especially Teenage Dream.

And to Keenan, buddy, you definitely "get it".

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

#1000 Thanks!!!

Thanks everyone so far on the 1000 different visits so far.  I appreciate each and everyone that has enjoyed reading or wanted to tell me how wrong I was.  It's been less than a month... but the page views are growing, so I guess someone likes to read it.  Anyways.... thanks again and like Prince Fielder trying to steal second base, I'm out...

Remember the old Little League Trick Plays?

I get it.  It's easier to use a "trick play" to get out of an inning, than to actually pitch the ball and strike out the batter.  We can debate whether after you watch this play that this was a balk or not a balk, I don't really care either way.  These plays seldom work, but when they do, they seem great for only the team that gets the out.  But if they don't work, maybe there should be an automatic ejection of the pitcher for wasting everybody's time. 

Baseball shouldn't be a "trick play" sport and to the coach who designed this play or let his players design this play, shame on you.  Your taking an American Pasttime and teaching the game in the wrong manner.  It's kind of funny and I feel bad for the runner especially if it cost his team the game.  But c'mon, seriously, play the game the right way or find a different coaching job.  Keep trick plays for other sports, but leave them out of baseball.

Here's the video of the "trick play"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Has Joakim Soria Lost His Swagger?

When people say "Air", "Mailman", or "Magic" when talking sports you can pinpoint who exactly they are talking about in Jordan, Malone, and Johnson.  In all avenues of life, nicknames sometimes define a person or become a distinction of that person, that their real name sometimes may be forgotten or not even known.  If I were to ask you who Elbert L. Woods(ITS NOT TIGER-he's Eldrick Woods), Orlando Smith, Eric Esch, or Harold Henry Reese(not related to any Peanut Butter Cups) would you know who these people were?  Some people who concentrate their life around sports may know, others, would play a guessing game.  But if I said Ickey Woods(Yes, the Ickey shuffle guy), Tubby Smith, Butterbean, or Pee Wee Reese, many more people would have knowledge of who those people are.

Nicknames are a definition of sometimes how people remember you, what you are, or even maybe what you aren't(example-your heavier in weight but they call you slim).  Not always does your real name define you, sometimes it takes a simple or complex nickname for people to remember you by.  These nicknames sometimes follow you for a lifetime, but thats not always a bad thing.

Sometimes these nicknames create a newer "you" and gives a possible emotion "high" in their mental playing state.  For example, Tiger Woods in my opinion, would never have had the same impression on people if they were to call him Eldrick Woods.  You can't relate the "eye of the Tiger" to Eldrick.  It just wouldn't make sense, would it?  Eldrick is gone, its on a birth certificate, but he's "Tiger" now and will be til' the day he passes on.  The only possible way Eldrick would have worked was if he was a polite Englishman and we referred to him as "Sir Eldrick".  But I prefer Tiger.

It was around Feburary 22, 2011 that Joakim Soria, relief pitcher for the Kansas City Royals, announced on his Twitter page the following quote, "how about if we change my nickname to something positive?  in support to mexico to stop all the violence!!!"(Twitter 2011)  Soria, from Monclova, Mexico was nicknamed the "Mexicutioner" because of his ways of throwing nasty pitches in the bottom of the ninth inning to close out games and strike out the opposing top hitters of the MLB game.  Soria believed his nickname was inappropriate given the violence occuring in his homeland.  I get it.  Inappropriate is viewed in different ways and sometimes taken out of context.  Lisa Lampanelli can be inappropriate in her comedy skits, but if you view it as a skit and not "real-life", she's quite the comedian.  I find her enjoyable and funny, even if she makes fun of me or my race.  She jokes of all races, human, aliens(well-maybe not), etc.  It's a skit, she's playing a "persona" of someone else, it's not who she actually is.  But her skit "persona" gives her a swagger that makes her on top of the world at that time she's on the stage.

Since dropping his "Mexicutioner" title this season, so far Soria hasn't been the pitcher he once was.  It is early, its been cold, and there's several reasons you could give for why he isn't the dominant closing pitcher as he been in the past.  But if it continues, maybe he's lost his swagger by losing his nickname.  "Wild Thing" Ricky Vaughn in "Major League" had the nickname that came with a song after he found his need for glasses.  But "Wild Thing" was how people referred to the made-up character that Charlie Sheen portrayed.  When the music blared, and Vaughn trotted to the mound, he too had a swagger that put fear in the opposing team.

I get it(becoming possibly my catch phrase)... no one cares for the violence in Mexico now or at anytime.  But this nickname isn't about that, or shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence as the "ignorant" violence in his home country.  If Soria grew up in a small farm town of Iowa and had the nickname of the "Mexicutioner", would we cast character issues of doubt over him for having what could be considered one of the best nicknames in all of MLB?  I would like to think that we wouldn't. 

Soria can actually use his fame and nickname as a way to provide opportunities for those in Mexico who look up to the MLB player.  He could create a charity organization "Mexicutioner Strikes Out Violence In Mexico" and raise money thru selling his t-shirts and other memorabilia to raise money for the unfortunate happenings in his home-country.  He could provide game-used memorabilia for the police in Mexico kind of like the way the United States does in exchanging guns for cash.  It may or may not work, but he isn't going to solve it all by himself.  But he can do his part, in which he may have already.  Labeling him with a nickname like the "Mexicutioner" can be a positive for himself, the Royals, and also for Mexico if it is spinned-off in the right way and used in the right way.  If Soria does that, maybe than, he can get his "swagger" back.

Monday, April 18, 2011

How an athlete can really upset a fan...

I hope someday soccer is this big in the United States.  Watch this quick video on how you can easily irritate the opposing fans.  And the crazy thing is, is how the player can non-chalantly act as if nothing has ever happened.  And to the person who got bashed in the face, I feel for your face....

Quick note to say how impressed I am with the Portland fans so far and their support of the Timbers MLS soccer team.  I am currently working on a few future blogs pertaining to soccer. 

Enjoy the video

My #1 reason why I want the NFL owners and players to work it out

Why is it important for the NFL players and owners to work it out?  I'm sure a lot of these guys got million dollar bills they have to pay at some time.  I mean figure it out, seriously.  Meet in the middle or something but you both make plenty of money, you should look more at the retired players who didn't make what the players do today.  Anyways... we all have opinions on all that but if a holdout exists, I will personally look somewhat down on both the NFL owners and players.

But.... my #1 reason why I want the holdout to end is because of this guy(the guy pictured on the card in the square box, yep thats Tony Moeaki).  Put a Tight End from Iowa into a NFL team like the Chiefs who rely heavily on a great tight end.... you get a great player in TONY MOEAKI. 

I'm a Super-Collector personally of Moeaki.  I collect his autographs, cards, etc... After the announcement was made that he was drafted by the Chiefs, I immediatley considered him my favorite NFL player. 

Also, how can you not be impressed with a player that makes a catch like this...  This is the video link of the one-handed catch of Tony Moeaki.

Let's end the holdout fellow's, and make some catches like this.

Cincinatti Reds Pitcher Mike Leake Allegedly Arrested- C'mon Selig

Mike Leake, a one time pitching prospect and now starting pitcher, was allegedly arrested after loss prevention employee(s) at Macy's Department Store stopped Leake after apparently first catching him on security cameras.  He allegedly was caught stealing just less than $60.00 of merchandise at the store.

Leake is making approx $450,000 in salary this year and and recieved a $2.7 million dollar signing bonus in 2009. 

My view on this is, seriously, are you kidding me?  It wasn't like you were stealing food because you were hungry or you had kids that were hungry.  You were taking merchandise, not alot of it to make it worthwhile might I add, but you make "bank".  I seriously don't get it.  What is going on with these athletes?  Do they think they are entitled to things because of who they are?  Do they feel the need to get their "high" off of this?  Was he under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs?  These questions we do not know, probably won't ever.  But this stuff is getting old.

It's time for the "Commish" Bud Selig to seriously get involved in the day-to-day activities outside of these players in MLB.  I know there's alot of them, but Bud needs to implement rules for behavior off the field as well like the NFL has.  Why?  Because there seemingly isn't punishment for many things when a player does wrong outside of the stadium.  It's time we toughen up or athletes and realize if they do a crime and reflect poorly on the image of MLB, they need to take a hit in their million dollar contracts and bonuses as well and sit out a few games as well.  We want to punish those who are trying to get ahead in the game, how about we try to punish those who are trying to unlawfully get ahead in the outside world, especially when they shouldn't have too....  Either way its wrong and we need to send a better postive image to the future MLB players and fans.

If Selig doesn't want to acknowledge or interfere with these guys images and dealings outside of the stadium entrance, than maybe it's time we start focusing on a "Commish" that wants to manage and improve the image of its product on and off the field.  And to Mr. Leake, do things right here...  Learn from this "stupid" mistake and promote a positive image for yourself from here on out. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why you shouldn't play Sports Inside...

When I came across this video that will be at he bottom of the page, I couldn't help but laugh but at the same time, I thought to myself "Oh $#*!".  I mean really, how many times growing up did your family tell you not to play ball in the house. In this case, I guess you shouldn't "ski" in the house.  I mean really, if this video was set up, than you have a lot of uneeded money to blow in which case I don't believe this was anything but an epic fail of many sorts. 

But it brings in point a different view of how video games have replaced playing sports outside of the living room.  It wasn't long ago that I was growing up, in which I have detailed in previous blog posts how it was a nightly occurence of playing wiffle ball, basketball, tennis ball, and much much more outside until it was just too dark to see.  Growing up in the midwest, we had the fortune of playing "snow football" many times during the year.  But those were joys of "our world" before xbox, playstations, and wii's came along.  Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty as well of staying up all night playing Call of Dutys, or spending many countless hours playing Madden Football games or NCAA sports games.  At one time, I thought Wii Bowling was a nightly occurence and it was there that I first bowled my first "Perfect Game".  Reality doesn't sit in until a non-video game player reacts to our "ignorant" self-proclaimed video trophies of our recent accomplishments.  They aren't real, but to some, they really are. 

People are faced of not making the team, or not getting playing time, but on these video games, they can be the #1 player on their "team".  It's even got to a point where one company releases a baseball game and offers a million dollar prize to the first player to pitch a "perfect game".  The odds may actually be better than winning a grand prize on a Powerball or Mega Millions ticket, I'm not sure, but as a society we surely have taken a different path in our "recreational sports".

I remember playing catch in our long narrow downstairs basement with our brothers.  We were afraid do it when our parents were home, but we knew the "penalty" if something broke.  If a loud noise made, we all ran to our "laying down" spots when my father or mother came down stairs to investigate.  They weren't stupid, but they usually gave us the benefit of the doubt, but a serious stearn warning didn't always make us stop until something got broke or one of us got hurt.

Usually no-one got hurt unless we were having one of our famous weekend pro-wrestling at home events with our family and the Fraise cousins.  I usually acted as if I was King Kong Bundy or one of the Orient Expess or Road Warriors tag teams.  I usually lost to one of my cousins who portrayed being Big John Studd or the Demolition Tag Team.  Those were fun times, but yes, eventually someone got hurt and my parents weren't happy with our ignoring their statement of no rough-housing or sports in the house.

Did we ever learn??? Probably not... but than again we didn't have Plasma tv's too break as well...

Enjoy the video below and remember to play ALL sports outside where they belong.... or at least make sure your set-up is a little different.

Indoor Surfing... seriously..

Living in the midwest, away from beaches, oceans, and all that jazz.  This indoor facility would be great, only one problem....It's located in Florida. 

The Midwest always gets the shaft on the cool stuff like this.  For those entreprenuial sports minded people... this may be of note....

Check out the video.....courtesy of EricSurf6

welcome to my blog...

Todays April 17th, 2011 and for those that don't know, it's my birthday today.  Another year of living and this past year has been a pretty good one for the most part.  So I just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate everyone who has came and read a post.  Some people ask, whats with all the ads?  Well, those ads if you click on them, actually help pay me for my time on this site.  It's nothing to worry about really, but feel free to click on one every once in a while if you like.  And no, it's not like you make rich people's money off of them.  The one's for Amazon really are nothing, the better one's are the other ads that arent Amazon.  But again, it doesn't really mattter, I just wanted to explain why they are there for those that didn't know. 

As we approach a 1000 unique visitors to the site, I want you to know that I know all stories don't always entertain you.  Some are going to be short and witty, while others are longer.  Some may just be a promo or a spot(helps with future opportunities) and some may just be a short guide to visit a video or another site.  Why is it like this?  Well, some of these are hopefully going to help bring future opportunities for other things.  Eventually I hope to do some promos, contests, etc. where you can get some cool free(legit) prizes.  And some of these other quick videos and other types of blogs are really to get other types of viewers here and give the blog a chance.

Anyways, I'm always open to ideas, suggestions, etc.  I welcome you to the blog.  Also feel free to always promote the site as well by adding a story you like to your twitter account or facebook page. 

Again thanks and welcome to Nick's Notes.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quick funny reply on Alabama Spring game from a Hawkeye point of view

Earlier today on Twitter, Mike Hlas of the Cedar Rapids Gazette(a self proclaimed Justin Bieber lookalike-not really) tweeted this: 
Alabama's announced spring football game crowd today was 92,310. Can someone please explain that?
That is a lot of people at a spring football game, no matter what team you are.  But I had an answer, it was simple, it was quick, so I tweeted back....
@Hlas thats alot of hundred dollar handshakes today...
I wasn't the only one that responded but a bit later Hlas tweets out...
Some funny answers to my Alabama question. Like this from @: thats alot of hundred dollar handshakes today
Its been retweeted by myself and others since... 
The funny thing is that we know stuff like this is going on, we can laugh and joke about it, but come next fall... we hope our non-paid guys kick their paid guys "a$$es". 
That's what bleeding Iowa "Black and Gold" is all about. 
Oh, and that's how "we" Hawkeye's Roll....

Question on Balance Bracelets?

Funny story happened when I was talking about these Balance Bracelets.  I was thinking do these things really work?  What to they do?  Are they worth the money? 

So anyways, one day, I saw a younger guy wearing these and I asked, do these things actually work?

His reply was great, kind of like an instant classic, but simple.

He responded, "Well I haven't fell over yet."

With that line, how could I resist.  I caved in and purchased one.  And like him, yes I haven't fell over yet either. 

When a baseball comes flying at your head...

Today, Royals pitcher Jeremy Jeffress was faster than a speeding baseball.  Baseball is becoming a much more dangerous sport with the flying bats, baseballs, etc coming right at you.  Many times, ballparks have so much more things to do as well with many people at the park are looking at their cell phones more than they are at watching the game. 

But today, Jeffress was paying attention as he caught the linedrive back at him.  It was a fast-intstinct kind of play, but maybe a difference in winning or losing a game. 

I'm not sure what's more exciting for Kansas City fans, than having a winning baseball team.  It's been a long time.  But with more plays like this, you can count on the Royals to keep their winning season continuing.

Courtesy of and Mlbtv here is the video of the outstanding line drive catch.

Kevin Na-na-na-na-na na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, yep thats 16!

In a strange display on the golf course at the Texas Open, Pro golfer Kevin Na takes 16 strokes for a score on ONE HOLE.  Amazingly, he kept his composure to finish the round and besides that one hole, he had a good round. 

I do feel for he guy, he played that hole about as well as I do on a good day.  I've included a video from a user on youtube below of the hole.  It was a toug five minutes to even watch it.

So what's your worst score on a hole of golf?  Anywhere close to a 16?   Did he buy his clubs at K-Mart?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dykstra is allegedly caught stealing a 73rd time

Lenny Dykstra or "Nails" as some people called him for his "Tough as Nails" attitude had been caught stealing 72 times in his MLB Baseball career.  But the Alleged 73rd time after his retirement might land him a possible prison term.  Dykstra, was arrested on one one count of embezzling from a bankruptcy estate or bankruptcy fraud.  He was being investigated for illegally purchasing vehicles thru fraudulent means as well.  He was currently being held on $500,000 bail. 

Dykstra at one time was held in high regards as one of the few successful former professional athletes who was responsible with his money.  He owned a car wash and wrote stock picks for a weekly column for Jim Cramer's "Mad Money".  But everything has seemingly crashed for Dykstra.  Even in recent speaking interviews, Dykstra just isn't the same guy as he once was.  His "mind" doesn't seem there.

It brings to point though that maybe its time for MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and other professional sports leagues to contiunually provide resources for finacial management for these athletes.  It seems that they either try to do it themselves, get in with the wrong people, or continually "blow" their money.  Most people could live off the interest of 2 million dollars for the rest of their lives.  But many of these athletes have blown millions and milliions and end up broke and seek support if they haven't lost track of their life completely already. 

We are in "awe" of their lavish lifestyles while they appear to have everything in the grasp of their hand.  They seem responsible and worry-free.  But in the end, the majority of these prime-time athletes, are down-in-the-dumps and we look away, almost laughing at their latest failure.  I'm not laughing, I just think instead of worrying about these deals to increase your money, look for other opportunites to save your money and give you financial freedom your whole life.  Most of these owners are succesful with their money and thats how they got there, they live their entire life wealthy.  The players make huge bonuses, but never come close to putting it to good use like that of an owner. 

So when they ask for the owners to do more and give these players more money.  How about these owners offer them up a program and resources that will help their financial ways for future generations instead of bankrupting the one who made it all and never has anything to give again.  Than hopefully, we never have to hear of Lenny Dykstra getting caught stealing a 74th time....


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kobe's Fine: Excessive or Not?

I've included a link at the bottom to watch the clip if you missed it of NBA player Kobe Bryant of the L.A. Lakers getting a technical fan and than later yelling at the referee and than making an alleged "anit-gay slur" in front of the tv cameras.  Kobe's comment at the referee in which he allegedly called the referee "a f---ing f-gg-t".  The NBA came down with no suspension but targeted Kobe with a fine of a $100,000.  Was this appropriate?  Was it enough?

Let's go back to April of 2007 when Don Imus of a CBS radio talk show was fired for using a "racial slur" in his comment of "Nappy Headed Hos".   A few months later in June of 2007, Isaiah Washington of ABC's hit show Grey's Anatomy was fired(contract not renewed) for using an anti-gay slur back in January of 2007.

In the past year we have seen that a Georgia Senator's staffer and WWII Vet fired over using "gay slurs".  Alot of people and companies will not stand behind their employees and staff when they use these slurs that degrade races, sexual orientations, religions, etc. 

Kobe Bryant, the usual leader in NBA's jersey sales, fell to second in this years sales but is still a fan-favorite of many basketball fans and is arguably one of the best overall talents in the NBA game.  So by the NBA fining Kobe Bryant a 100k, which is lots of money to people like you and I but not so much Kobe, does this look good or bad for the Company perception of the NBA?  I understand the heat of the moment, but Kobe should of been suspended as well, even if it meant he missed a playoff game.  He needs to understand he is being watched by many people and that whether he wants to be or not, he is a role model out there for young aspiring basketball players. 

I wouldn't be suprised really if the referee hands a lawsuit over to Kobe Bryant as well.  I believe this would fall in the terms of defamation of character.  My opinion is that almost any company out there would of did "more" than fine, but the NBA stopped short for Kobe Bryant.  They fined him and that was supposed to "show" the public perception that they didn't agree but to me, it wasn't enough.  A suspension should have taken place immediately and by allowing Kobe to get away with this, they have made the statement that Kobe helps determine the "NBA rules" in my opinion.  Kobe, nor any NBA player, should be above an unwritten rule to degrade other people by namecalling. 

One other thought to ponder is that if a white referee called Kobe Bryant a "racial slur", would that referee still have a job the next day?  Would Kobe and the L.A. Lakers and the general public go-to-bat for Kobe and ask for the ref to lose his job?  The answer is most likely, yes.  If you disagree, I personally think you should rethink your stance but you are entitled to your opinion.

So was Kobe's fine the right call?  In my opinon, more should of been done even if it was just a one game playoff suspension.  What is your thoughts? 

To view the video, please click below...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One of the best dunkers ever... amazing talent

Blake Griffin is an amazing talent at dunking the basketball.  But a 5 foot 11 inches white guy is making a name for himself from Illinois college. He won this years college dunk competition after making a video on youtube do get some attention.  In return, his dunks beat everyone else.  Finding this type of talent is amazing and even if he isn't a legit prospect for the NBA, he can find many ways to make money off of this type of talent.  Congrats to Jacob Tucker and for those who want to see more after viewing the link below, search his name on YouTube to find more Dunks.  Hope to hear more of this man in the future.  Enjoy the video!

Make sure you make the basket before you celebrate....

I'm a Celtics fan, though I'm not a huge fan of the NBA anymore as it has lost some appeal to me.  But I'm going to share a link of a play from the other night that made me ashamed of the play and also made me laugh.  Why?  Because Von Wafer celebrated a horrible play in which he didn't capitalize on.  If your going to celebrate and act all big and bad, make sure you make the basket first.  Way to go Wafer.... Redeem yourself and own up to your mistake as it happens in life.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Biggest Contract Ever Was Signed Today

Today, one of the biggest contracts ever was signed.  It wasn't quite the setting of Alex Rodriguez's 10 year MLB contract worth $275 million.  This contract was worth more than money, it was a contract that was rare, one that maybe never have been written quite like this one was.  This contract was a significant stepping stone to a young man's future and will bring future financial savings to others as well involved in his life. 

Today, my 3 year old son decided enough was enough, he sat down at the table, shaking a little nervous from the paper within his reach.  At his age, he hasn't acquired the skills in penmanship or even much writing at all, so the task was made much more simpler. 

I read the paper aloud to him, offering him the choice of not agreeing to the terms of the contract, but he smiled grabbed his Red crayon, and signed the dotted line with a "X", like of that which we agreed upon.  It was now official, he has chosen his future path for now.  I can only hope in 15 years, he signs another dotted line with his intentions of playing for the Iowa Hawkeyes(I know its early.... but I'd be happy with a scholarship for the water boy, college is expensive).  But for now, this contract is binding and will forever be etched in a father's heart. 

The Contract Reads:

The "Big Boy" Contract

Today, I, Carter Loren Auge have decided to do-away with diapers, pull-up, and all that other baby "stuff".  This will allow me to wear SpiderMan, BatMan, or any other boy-like underwear I care to wear or that am I afforded to wear.  In return for my supply of "Big Boy" Underwear and a gift from my parents, one fish in a bowl of water, I give my supply of diapers up and refuse to do #1 or #2 in my pants and will therefore make it to the "potty" each and everytime.  I will also at least try to "wipe" myself, especially on #2's.

I will honor and obey this Big Boy Contract as described above.



And so the first 12 hours have been completed succesfully.... off to go find a fish.... Maybe I can talk him into a football.... 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

oh Tiger, oh wow

My words were "WOW!"

That was after Tiger Wood's shot on hole #15 right at the pin at the Masters in Augusta.  At this moment, Rory has faltered and Tiger has to take advantage even though he is still technically one stroke off the lead as I type this.

My words were "WOW!"

That was after Tiger missed a chance for an Eagle with a small putt.  He claims a birdie and now sits tied for the lead.  Just than Rory comes storming back with a fantastic approach shot that gives him a chance to birdie this hole. 

This Master's so far has been amazingly close.  And I just almost witnessed an amazing hole-in-one by Tiger.  Close, but not close enough.

As Tiger is in contention, you can see and feel that golf is getting the publicity it once had.  Twitter is buzzing, people are watching, golf needs this, golf needs Tiger to be in the hunt every Sunday.  He gives the game something to "buzz" about. 

Man Catches Foul Ball While Holding Baby

Providing a link below courtesy of MLB.Com.  A dangerous play for a fan but ths time, he looks like a great person.  I don't recommend anyone to try this as if you mess up, you will always be remembered for your stupidity.  Enjoy the video of the man holding a baby and catching a foul ball.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cubs' Castro Hit in the face

Cardinals fans dont laugh.  But in case you missed it... I wanted to share this video with you from a youtube user mocksessiondotcom3.  Ouch, had to hurt. Starlin Castro takes one to the face.

Giving Big Ben a chance....

After the the two "incidents" in which "Big" Ben Roethlisberger was involved with, it seems that it would be unlikely for anyone to improve their image.  I had a hard time, but again, charges were dropped and you shouldn't "blackball" a person based on accusations.  He's young, and has time still to turn his life image around.  Based on his recent doings for his upcoming marriage, I'll credit him on at least "trying".  If he does what he says, I think people should try and at least acknowledge that maybe he is getting his "off the field" issues handled in much more proper way.

"Big Ben" is engaged to be married this summer to a 26 year old long time friend, Ashely Halan.  He has also stated that he will not live with her due to his "religious beliefs".  I'm hoping these are new beliefs that he has found, because those won't sit well with many because of his past "choices".  His past image and choices have led one NFL player, Eagles lineman Todd Herremans to tweet "What a turnaround… Rapistberger to Religiousberger… Good for him".  People have made opinions of him, more bad than good.  So its best for the young quarterback to make "wiser" decisions as he advances in his life.  Hopefully this marriage will be more than an image ploy.  So I will give him the benefit of the doubt as long as he succeeds with his life.

Along with his upcoming marriage, I will also say I am impressed with his decision to ask wedding guests not to bring gifts, but rather make a donation to his charitable choice of the Ronald McDonald House and Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.  For a man that makes millions, and probably has the disposable income to have anything him or his future wife desire, this is a great way to better your image.  Im wondering how many non-invited guests will send a card and donation?  And if they do, will Ben and his wife take time to thank those that do?  I'm sure if he personalizes everything with a signature, it will only do more to boost his image. 

So if Ben makes this legal situation a correct one and follows a better path, maybe we should all give Big Ben a chance... 

For Players Like "Man-Ram", It's Hard to say No.... to drugs...

I give mostly everyone the benefit of the doubt.  That even includes a player like Manny Ramirez, probably one of the most talked-about MLB players right now.  His stories mostly center on how he shouldn't be allowed to be a Hall-of-Famer(There's several years ahead of debate before this happens) or how he wasn't one of the best athletes because of "PED's".  But without him or many others, baseball probably wouldn't be the same.  I'm not saying I agree with players who do these types of drugs, but I'm also not saying that we should banish all these guys as well.  We need to look deeper into the issues and see what the cause or issues of why these players do these drugs.  We also need to realize that everyone's life has issues, its what we need to see later by these players, about how we should judge them.  There's many crimes that should be not forgiven, but sometimes "okay" people do stupid things, I know i have, have you?

The "Man-Ram" no doubt was a great baseball player.  Was it all because he did perfromance enhancing drugs(PED's)?  I do believe it does help, no doubt, but you still have to have the ability to swing and hit a changeup, slider, fastball, etc.  Manny's career achievements are amazing, especially when you look at his Post-Season stats.  The guy ranks #1 in post-season homeruns with 29 and #1 in post-season RBI's with 78.  He also is second only to Lou Gherig in career Grand-Slams with 22.  He along with his teammates, brought the Boston RedSox a World series Championship, something Boston fans can only thank him for, whether you dislike him or not.  His career achievements are Hall of Fame material, but so are Mark McGwire's, Bond's, Palmerio's, and others who seem to get the Lifetime Ban from the Hall of Fame based on their problems with PED's. 

Why do these great athletes fall to to these PED's?  Only they know and only they can personally tell you.  I offer any of these great athlete's the chance to be interviewed by me with an open forum.  One that would acknowledge their talent and give them the opportunity to be appreciated but inform others of why they did what they did.  I'm sure they would personally decline or never be informed of the opportunity, but a message thru my twitter "nickauge" gives you the opportunity. 

With Ramirez's recent retirement rather than face a second suspension, I'm sure he was ashamed of what he did and decided to retire instead of facing the scrutiny of reporters that would report on his drug failure rather than what he has achieved for himself.  As a MLB fan, I admired Ramirez's talent.  But as an opposing fan of team's, I feared Ramirez and disliked him.  I don't know much of Ramirez's character other than what was reported and how people didn't think have a high public opinion of his behavior.  Maybe true, maybe not... I've never had the chance to meet him to make my own personal opinion.  Did some people base their opinion's of Ramirez based on them being a Yankees fan?  Im sure there are some.  Do some RedSox fans now laugh and "bash" Ramirez?  I'm sure there are some.  But did many RedSox fans also love Ramirez at some time for what he accomplished on the field and in the World Series?  Again, I'm sure there are some.

Players of the past seem to hate these players using PED's.  I get it and I understand. None of those players are happy of players making millions of dollars and breaking their records.  They feel like they are tarnishing the game's pasttime.  I do understand that too.  But I think I understand some of these guys of today thinking too.

Nobody grows up playing baseball and idolizes being that of Bobby Dernier or Odibe McDowell(two guys I loved when growing up), but do people that just turned 18 remember them?  People grow up idolizing the players that hit homeruns, pitch great games every fifth outing, or put solid numbers year after year.  Unless your a fan of a team, many don't remember the Steve Buechele's, Chris Sabo's, Kevin Mitchell's, Keith Moreland's, and Carney Lansford's of MLB.  We remember the guy's who put up numbers and had hefty contracts worth millions and millions over years.

So do these player's sometimes feel they have to do whatever it takes to be on top, to guarantee they get that next big contract?  Do we hold these players so high and accountable for their team' success, that sometimes they do "stupid" stuff to get ahead?  There's many of us, who don't play baseball, who do stupid stuff to get-ahead, or to feel like they are part of the "in-crowd".  I'm not agreeing with any of it, I just wonder if we shouldn't look at our own life before we judge others.  I know many will say they haven't ever done anything to be better or get ahead or get there faster, but at sometime we all made a "un-perfect judgemental error".  It may have cost us opportunities in life, but what we learn from those mistakes after the "game" is over, is how we should be judged.  People like Ramirez, it's probably hard to say no to PED's when it may make him less of a ball-player for the season or cost him his next contract of millions of dollars.  It's not that I agree with them, it's that I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt to make corrections to their life after sports and become a better person.  That should be the ultimate goal for anyone who makes a mistake, ignore the "hate" and become a better person.

For Ramirez, he may miss out on the MLB Hall-of-fame, but he always can strive to be in "life's-hall-of-fame".  To that, I hope he hits a home-run.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Diamondbacks staff listens....

Update from an earlier post about MLB ticket prices being high...  Noticed that the Arizona Diamondbacks are going to try something with their ticket prices tomorrow for their opening day game by offering a buy 1, get 1 free ticket special.  By looking at many of the stadiums this year so far in MLB, these owners need to think "Minor League" Promotions to get more people in to the parks.  Definitely sad to see all the empty stadiums.  Hopefully more teams start doing something...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Drink Neuro Plug

Quickly tonight, I've been busy the last few days and I'm currently working on a few projects but I wanted to share the website of a drink thats out there... I have tasted them all and prefer the non-carb ones like Sun or Sleep.  But if you get a chance to check out the site for these, I'll list the link below.  You'll be seeing these more and more in stores coming soon.

Cool looking colorful bottles for sure...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Quick Plug for Glyde

Just wanted to also put a quick plug in for a site that is just starting to take-off more and more. is a great place to sell if you got old books, video games, cds, dvds, etc your not using anymore or no longer want.  You can also buy there as well. 

Listing an item is simple and easy to do and when your item sells, sends you a mailer to put your item in the mailbox.  It's one of the simplest ways to sell on the internet.  I have personally used them several times and have not had any issues with shipping, receiving payment, anything at all.  Checkout the link below if you ever are interested.  Thanks for looking!

Try to simply buy and sell your video games, DVDs, CDs, and books. Great deals. Selling made simple.

Worth more than $2,356,320?

It's halftime as I write this.  Butler holds a three point advantage over UCONN in the 2011 National Championship Basketball game.  I'm personally rooting for Butler, always love to see the "underdogs" advance and win.  Both teams though have had an incredible run and both deserve much respect, no matter who wins or loses.

Last years championship game was an instant classic between Duke and Butler, and inches away from being one of the most amazing championship games in history.  So far this game has been a in-your-face defensive battle.  A little sloppy at times, but when both teams are giving a 100 percent pressure and effort, you can be sure that the ball is going to be harder to handle.  But it doesn't take away from this so far being a great game. 

This is going to be a short writing tonight as I plan on watching the rest of the game.  But before the second half starts, I ponder what Gordon Hayward is thinking right now.  Would he rather be playing in the NBA tonight or would he rather be playing in the National Championship game?  Does he regret his decision even more if Butler wins the National Championship?  It's a hard decision for anyone to make, especially at such a young age and with possible risk of injury during another college season.  So if you had your choice, what would it be?  A chance to win tonight's trophy and than turn pro?  Or a first year contract in the NBA that pays $2,356,320 this season?  In Gordon's defense, it's tough to turn down a possibility of finacial security for life.   

So is tonight's trophy to you worth more than $2,356,320? 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ticket and yes, Parking Prices are getting out of hand...

As I watched highlights of Major League Baseball games today, I noticed one thing common in most highlights.  It wasn't homeruns for each game or dazzling catches.  It was that of sections upon sections of seats that are being unused.  The game between the WhiteSox and Indians, a few fans seemed to be in the outside seats.  The Bluejays game had empty sections in their upper deck outfield seats.  In defense, its not just baseball, its happening in all sports.  Stadiums that used to sell out every game is becoming rare.  Is it because of the product that is being shown at the venue?  In some cases, yes, you can blame it when your team isn't very entertaining to watch.  But at some point, owners have to realize it may be a while before the economy is at a point where "sell-outs" are a for-sure thing.  While grocery stores and discount stores advertise amazing deals and compete for your occupancy in their business.  Sports venues seem to take the approach of either pay "our price" or don't come. 

I would really like to see the financial sheet of a MLB team, like for example the Kansas City Royals on a game on a Wednesday night against the Arizona Diamondbacks(I'm just making up an example).  Than I would like to have them try a concept of slashing prices for the next nights game in order to achieve a sell-out(even if they were giving out a few thousand upper deck seats for a dollar each).  Than I would like to see that financial sheet.  Would people in the park that now pay for parking and than are buying merchandise, beer, soda, food, and playing games make up for the money lost on ticket prices.  Would a crowd of 13,000 standard paying fans make up for a sold-out crowd buying the extras?  I don't know, maybe it wouldn't.  But when you watch on the television, a sold-out experience night after night get you in the mood to be there.  The Royals used to have "cheap seats" for $5.00 in the upper deck.  Since the economy has went sour, they have jolted up to $10.00 for those same seats(yes, they did due a stadium upgrade as well).  Some cities and teams don't have many problems attracting larger crowds so therefore they can charge what they want and be okay.  I'm not bashing any owner for charging the price they want, but it just makes for an exciting venue when the stadium is full.  I mean, would a concert of your favorite artist be the same if only a 100 people showed up and you still sat in the upper deck to watch with thousands empty seats in front of you?  Wouldn't you feel like you should be able to move up closer? 

Another thing that I just can't seem to grasp is the amount you pay to park for a few hours for an event.  I'm okay with the ten dollars and such.  But today I went to buy parking passes for a concert of Kenny Chesney I'm attending at Arrowhead stadium this summer.  I saw the parking price ticket for $40.50.  Are you out of your mind?  Is this a day-after April Fool's joke?  Really, you need to charge possibly 15,000 plus vehicles a $40.50 charge(not sure if there was a Ticketmaster fee too) to park for less than 5 hours.  Really, do you want your venue parking system to really be hated?  If your trying to off-set the prices of tickets on to parking, your doing it way wrong.  Many people pay for their tickets and don't buy a parking ticket early and dont forecast that purchase to the day of.  How many people are going to show up and see this parking price and complain?  Those same parking prices are $10.00 for Royals games and twenty-something for Chiefs games I believe still.  But for one night, we will double or quadruple the price for a concert.  I'm still in disbelief. 

No wonder why the government is always getting involved in everybody's business.  Because people feel like it's okay to go above and beyond on what "normal" charges should be.  Yes, we have the option not to purchase these items, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't live only by the rules of a rich-person's "american dream" as well. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Don't Blame Missouri For Reaching

Missouri's coaching search reached for a Picasso of sorts, in trying for a real good "Painter". It ended up this time with an empty can of paint and a new search for its basketball head coaching job. If Purdue hadn't improved its monetary and non-monetary issues with Matt Painter, my assumption is that he would of left. A million dollar raise is a lot of cash to leave on the table. In the end, he got his raise and stayed at the University he played and coached at. Missouri fans seemed hurt with the letdown of Painter not taking the Mizzou job. Especially with an early morning report that he was headed there and than hours later he was not interested. Than some fans began to question the athletic director Mike Alden and that maybe he was over-reaching and lost out on others. These fans want a coach at-this-moment and don't care for the "waiting approach".

I may not agree with everything Mike Alden has done, actually I don't even like as a fan, the Missouri Tigers sports programs. I currently live in Missouri and when they are successful, I do benefit financially probably as people tend to spend money and travel more when their program is doing well. But as an Iowa Hawkeye fan, I have an independent stance on what Alden is doing and think so far that maybe he is doing things right.

When the Hawkeyes went through coaching searches in the past, I too wanted a big name coach immediately and the Hawks A.D. did it their way. Their way this latest time may actually work out and I'm okay with Coach Fran. He's got Iowa going in a better direction now than the previous two coaches did in their years. Yes, I admit I was high on Alford because I remembered him for his playing days success not because of his demeanor, recruiting, and coaching.

One difference is Iowa kept their searches quiet but Missouri's search and top priority was immediately known. They lost out on Martin(he replaced Pearl), but it seems he wasn't high on the list anyways. Missouri's target was Painter and they stuck to it and tried to reach and get a great Big Ten coach and a good recruiter. They may have reached but at least they reached. If he would of been the next Tigers coach, the fans would of been happy and proud. Now that he's not, people tend to think Alden is a failure in his coaching search. I'd like to tell why I think he did the right thing by reaching for a top notch coach.

I relate Alden to many young fella's out there. During our high school days and college days, many guys always look at the most attractive girl in the crowd. We tell our buddies how we would love to be with that girl but usually we are afraid of being rejected and made fun of by our buddies for being "shut-out" by what we call "the hottest girl to walk the planet". Some so-called "hot" girls will later tell you that they are single longer because they never got asked out on a date, because many guys assumed they never had a chance. So if this is true, can you blame Alden?

If Alden reached for Painter like that of a beautiful girl, he may have landed a great coach but this time he was rejected. If he hadn't, would fans have accused him for settling on an "easy-hire"? Alden should reach for the best just like everyone should in their jobs, families, etc. to get the best they can from the life they live. If Alden reaches for ten more coaches before he gets one to accept, so be it. He's wanting the best for his program and there's nothing wrong with that. You should only question Alden if he "settles" for some guy that doesn't look like he belongs there. But than again, it may work out.

If Alden is waiting on Butler's head coach to finish his season, let him. If you can increase a guy's salary from approx 400k a year to almost 2 million. I'm sure that "beautiful girl" might at least listen. So let Alden keep reaching for Missouri just like I would want my Hawkeyes to do.