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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Remember the old Little League Trick Plays?

I get it.  It's easier to use a "trick play" to get out of an inning, than to actually pitch the ball and strike out the batter.  We can debate whether after you watch this play that this was a balk or not a balk, I don't really care either way.  These plays seldom work, but when they do, they seem great for only the team that gets the out.  But if they don't work, maybe there should be an automatic ejection of the pitcher for wasting everybody's time. 

Baseball shouldn't be a "trick play" sport and to the coach who designed this play or let his players design this play, shame on you.  Your taking an American Pasttime and teaching the game in the wrong manner.  It's kind of funny and I feel bad for the runner especially if it cost his team the game.  But c'mon, seriously, play the game the right way or find a different coaching job.  Keep trick plays for other sports, but leave them out of baseball.

Here's the video of the "trick play"

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