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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hawkeyes Need a Fran-Wow!

It's been a long time, I get it.  The Iowa Hawkeye's Men's Basketball team need some scrappy huscle-type play of Ryan Bowen or all-intensity of the late Chris Street.  The Hawkeyes got a little jump now that Coach Fran is in town.  Fans are adapting to his style and hoping the recruiting comes along.  But the excitement is slowly coming back, faster than many might of thought especially for a team that didn't finish above .500 again this past season.  

The Hawkeyes are usually decked out and black and gold at games.  Fans of Iowa haven't seen mass basketball merchandise hysteria since that of probably the "In Memory of" t-shirts or maybe the introduction of the Hawk's Nest era.  I'm not sure, Im basing my sales figures on what my eyes have scanned from the fans, so it may be a little off, especially during the games where the Hawks are getting blown out.  I know we're no Duke, UNC, or some other top program in men's basketball, but Carver Hawkeye Arena can still be a "loud" place to play. 

The Hawks need something more than just a better team.  Players, don't take it personal, but a few top-notch players would help.  We need a gimmick, a promotion of sorts that every Hawk fan latches on to.  What we need is a "FRAN-WOW!"  There's been the terrible towel, the homer hanky, and all sorts of other things in sports fans hands, what we need is a towel parody of the "sham-wow".  Every game, fans wave the Fran-Wow, and root for their beloved Hawks.  The sham-wow was rated by CNBC as the #1 rated infomercial of all time.  Maybe the Fran-Wow will make the Hawkeyes the #1 rated basketball team of all time. 

So when the Hawkeye fans are rocking-the-house waving the "Fran-Wow" towel at Carver Hawkeye Arena, Hawkeyes will be winning, and maybe than, other teams will get it.

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