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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kobe's Fine: Excessive or Not?

I've included a link at the bottom to watch the clip if you missed it of NBA player Kobe Bryant of the L.A. Lakers getting a technical fan and than later yelling at the referee and than making an alleged "anit-gay slur" in front of the tv cameras.  Kobe's comment at the referee in which he allegedly called the referee "a f---ing f-gg-t".  The NBA came down with no suspension but targeted Kobe with a fine of a $100,000.  Was this appropriate?  Was it enough?

Let's go back to April of 2007 when Don Imus of a CBS radio talk show was fired for using a "racial slur" in his comment of "Nappy Headed Hos".   A few months later in June of 2007, Isaiah Washington of ABC's hit show Grey's Anatomy was fired(contract not renewed) for using an anti-gay slur back in January of 2007.

In the past year we have seen that a Georgia Senator's staffer and WWII Vet fired over using "gay slurs".  Alot of people and companies will not stand behind their employees and staff when they use these slurs that degrade races, sexual orientations, religions, etc. 

Kobe Bryant, the usual leader in NBA's jersey sales, fell to second in this years sales but is still a fan-favorite of many basketball fans and is arguably one of the best overall talents in the NBA game.  So by the NBA fining Kobe Bryant a 100k, which is lots of money to people like you and I but not so much Kobe, does this look good or bad for the Company perception of the NBA?  I understand the heat of the moment, but Kobe should of been suspended as well, even if it meant he missed a playoff game.  He needs to understand he is being watched by many people and that whether he wants to be or not, he is a role model out there for young aspiring basketball players. 

I wouldn't be suprised really if the referee hands a lawsuit over to Kobe Bryant as well.  I believe this would fall in the terms of defamation of character.  My opinion is that almost any company out there would of did "more" than fine, but the NBA stopped short for Kobe Bryant.  They fined him and that was supposed to "show" the public perception that they didn't agree but to me, it wasn't enough.  A suspension should have taken place immediately and by allowing Kobe to get away with this, they have made the statement that Kobe helps determine the "NBA rules" in my opinion.  Kobe, nor any NBA player, should be above an unwritten rule to degrade other people by namecalling. 

One other thought to ponder is that if a white referee called Kobe Bryant a "racial slur", would that referee still have a job the next day?  Would Kobe and the L.A. Lakers and the general public go-to-bat for Kobe and ask for the ref to lose his job?  The answer is most likely, yes.  If you disagree, I personally think you should rethink your stance but you are entitled to your opinion.

So was Kobe's fine the right call?  In my opinon, more should of been done even if it was just a one game playoff suspension.  What is your thoughts? 

To view the video, please click below...

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  1. Kobe should of received much more. Any lesser of a player, and he would of been tortured by the league, the organizations, and all media outlets. But Kobe gets away with more. If he was truly sorry for his comment, he would of never appealed his fine. Good opinion and good views, I enjoy reading your posts. Keep them up!