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Friday, April 1, 2011

Don't Blame Missouri For Reaching

Missouri's coaching search reached for a Picasso of sorts, in trying for a real good "Painter". It ended up this time with an empty can of paint and a new search for its basketball head coaching job. If Purdue hadn't improved its monetary and non-monetary issues with Matt Painter, my assumption is that he would of left. A million dollar raise is a lot of cash to leave on the table. In the end, he got his raise and stayed at the University he played and coached at. Missouri fans seemed hurt with the letdown of Painter not taking the Mizzou job. Especially with an early morning report that he was headed there and than hours later he was not interested. Than some fans began to question the athletic director Mike Alden and that maybe he was over-reaching and lost out on others. These fans want a coach at-this-moment and don't care for the "waiting approach".

I may not agree with everything Mike Alden has done, actually I don't even like as a fan, the Missouri Tigers sports programs. I currently live in Missouri and when they are successful, I do benefit financially probably as people tend to spend money and travel more when their program is doing well. But as an Iowa Hawkeye fan, I have an independent stance on what Alden is doing and think so far that maybe he is doing things right.

When the Hawkeyes went through coaching searches in the past, I too wanted a big name coach immediately and the Hawks A.D. did it their way. Their way this latest time may actually work out and I'm okay with Coach Fran. He's got Iowa going in a better direction now than the previous two coaches did in their years. Yes, I admit I was high on Alford because I remembered him for his playing days success not because of his demeanor, recruiting, and coaching.

One difference is Iowa kept their searches quiet but Missouri's search and top priority was immediately known. They lost out on Martin(he replaced Pearl), but it seems he wasn't high on the list anyways. Missouri's target was Painter and they stuck to it and tried to reach and get a great Big Ten coach and a good recruiter. They may have reached but at least they reached. If he would of been the next Tigers coach, the fans would of been happy and proud. Now that he's not, people tend to think Alden is a failure in his coaching search. I'd like to tell why I think he did the right thing by reaching for a top notch coach.

I relate Alden to many young fella's out there. During our high school days and college days, many guys always look at the most attractive girl in the crowd. We tell our buddies how we would love to be with that girl but usually we are afraid of being rejected and made fun of by our buddies for being "shut-out" by what we call "the hottest girl to walk the planet". Some so-called "hot" girls will later tell you that they are single longer because they never got asked out on a date, because many guys assumed they never had a chance. So if this is true, can you blame Alden?

If Alden reached for Painter like that of a beautiful girl, he may have landed a great coach but this time he was rejected. If he hadn't, would fans have accused him for settling on an "easy-hire"? Alden should reach for the best just like everyone should in their jobs, families, etc. to get the best they can from the life they live. If Alden reaches for ten more coaches before he gets one to accept, so be it. He's wanting the best for his program and there's nothing wrong with that. You should only question Alden if he "settles" for some guy that doesn't look like he belongs there. But than again, it may work out.

If Alden is waiting on Butler's head coach to finish his season, let him. If you can increase a guy's salary from approx 400k a year to almost 2 million. I'm sure that "beautiful girl" might at least listen. So let Alden keep reaching for Missouri just like I would want my Hawkeyes to do.

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