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Friday, April 15, 2011

Dykstra is allegedly caught stealing a 73rd time

Lenny Dykstra or "Nails" as some people called him for his "Tough as Nails" attitude had been caught stealing 72 times in his MLB Baseball career.  But the Alleged 73rd time after his retirement might land him a possible prison term.  Dykstra, was arrested on one one count of embezzling from a bankruptcy estate or bankruptcy fraud.  He was being investigated for illegally purchasing vehicles thru fraudulent means as well.  He was currently being held on $500,000 bail. 

Dykstra at one time was held in high regards as one of the few successful former professional athletes who was responsible with his money.  He owned a car wash and wrote stock picks for a weekly column for Jim Cramer's "Mad Money".  But everything has seemingly crashed for Dykstra.  Even in recent speaking interviews, Dykstra just isn't the same guy as he once was.  His "mind" doesn't seem there.

It brings to point though that maybe its time for MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and other professional sports leagues to contiunually provide resources for finacial management for these athletes.  It seems that they either try to do it themselves, get in with the wrong people, or continually "blow" their money.  Most people could live off the interest of 2 million dollars for the rest of their lives.  But many of these athletes have blown millions and milliions and end up broke and seek support if they haven't lost track of their life completely already. 

We are in "awe" of their lavish lifestyles while they appear to have everything in the grasp of their hand.  They seem responsible and worry-free.  But in the end, the majority of these prime-time athletes, are down-in-the-dumps and we look away, almost laughing at their latest failure.  I'm not laughing, I just think instead of worrying about these deals to increase your money, look for other opportunites to save your money and give you financial freedom your whole life.  Most of these owners are succesful with their money and thats how they got there, they live their entire life wealthy.  The players make huge bonuses, but never come close to putting it to good use like that of an owner. 

So when they ask for the owners to do more and give these players more money.  How about these owners offer them up a program and resources that will help their financial ways for future generations instead of bankrupting the one who made it all and never has anything to give again.  Than hopefully, we never have to hear of Lenny Dykstra getting caught stealing a 74th time....


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