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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Giving Big Ben a chance....

After the the two "incidents" in which "Big" Ben Roethlisberger was involved with, it seems that it would be unlikely for anyone to improve their image.  I had a hard time, but again, charges were dropped and you shouldn't "blackball" a person based on accusations.  He's young, and has time still to turn his life image around.  Based on his recent doings for his upcoming marriage, I'll credit him on at least "trying".  If he does what he says, I think people should try and at least acknowledge that maybe he is getting his "off the field" issues handled in much more proper way.

"Big Ben" is engaged to be married this summer to a 26 year old long time friend, Ashely Halan.  He has also stated that he will not live with her due to his "religious beliefs".  I'm hoping these are new beliefs that he has found, because those won't sit well with many because of his past "choices".  His past image and choices have led one NFL player, Eagles lineman Todd Herremans to tweet "What a turnaround… Rapistberger to Religiousberger… Good for him".  People have made opinions of him, more bad than good.  So its best for the young quarterback to make "wiser" decisions as he advances in his life.  Hopefully this marriage will be more than an image ploy.  So I will give him the benefit of the doubt as long as he succeeds with his life.

Along with his upcoming marriage, I will also say I am impressed with his decision to ask wedding guests not to bring gifts, but rather make a donation to his charitable choice of the Ronald McDonald House and Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.  For a man that makes millions, and probably has the disposable income to have anything him or his future wife desire, this is a great way to better your image.  Im wondering how many non-invited guests will send a card and donation?  And if they do, will Ben and his wife take time to thank those that do?  I'm sure if he personalizes everything with a signature, it will only do more to boost his image. 

So if Ben makes this legal situation a correct one and follows a better path, maybe we should all give Big Ben a chance... 


  1. I really liked your article and I agree with you. He should get the benefit of the doubt.

    However I do have one nit pick. That is that there were never charges brought against him. There was an investigation and they decided not to bring charges. There wasn't even probable cause in the case.

  2. Appreciate the comment and the read. As far as the charges comment. I believe technically charges were made against Ben, which is a formality in all cases. But criminal charges were not made, thus dropping the original charges. I think people tend to interpret it as "criminal charges" immediately. When in actuality it starts as just a formality charge. Hopefully that clears it up a little bit.