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Monday, April 18, 2011

My #1 reason why I want the NFL owners and players to work it out

Why is it important for the NFL players and owners to work it out?  I'm sure a lot of these guys got million dollar bills they have to pay at some time.  I mean figure it out, seriously.  Meet in the middle or something but you both make plenty of money, you should look more at the retired players who didn't make what the players do today.  Anyways... we all have opinions on all that but if a holdout exists, I will personally look somewhat down on both the NFL owners and players.

But.... my #1 reason why I want the holdout to end is because of this guy(the guy pictured on the card in the square box, yep thats Tony Moeaki).  Put a Tight End from Iowa into a NFL team like the Chiefs who rely heavily on a great tight end.... you get a great player in TONY MOEAKI. 

I'm a Super-Collector personally of Moeaki.  I collect his autographs, cards, etc... After the announcement was made that he was drafted by the Chiefs, I immediatley considered him my favorite NFL player. 

Also, how can you not be impressed with a player that makes a catch like this...  This is the video link of the one-handed catch of Tony Moeaki.

Let's end the holdout fellow's, and make some catches like this.

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