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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Biggest Contract Ever Was Signed Today

Today, one of the biggest contracts ever was signed.  It wasn't quite the setting of Alex Rodriguez's 10 year MLB contract worth $275 million.  This contract was worth more than money, it was a contract that was rare, one that maybe never have been written quite like this one was.  This contract was a significant stepping stone to a young man's future and will bring future financial savings to others as well involved in his life. 

Today, my 3 year old son decided enough was enough, he sat down at the table, shaking a little nervous from the paper within his reach.  At his age, he hasn't acquired the skills in penmanship or even much writing at all, so the task was made much more simpler. 

I read the paper aloud to him, offering him the choice of not agreeing to the terms of the contract, but he smiled grabbed his Red crayon, and signed the dotted line with a "X", like of that which we agreed upon.  It was now official, he has chosen his future path for now.  I can only hope in 15 years, he signs another dotted line with his intentions of playing for the Iowa Hawkeyes(I know its early.... but I'd be happy with a scholarship for the water boy, college is expensive).  But for now, this contract is binding and will forever be etched in a father's heart. 

The Contract Reads:

The "Big Boy" Contract

Today, I, Carter Loren Auge have decided to do-away with diapers, pull-up, and all that other baby "stuff".  This will allow me to wear SpiderMan, BatMan, or any other boy-like underwear I care to wear or that am I afforded to wear.  In return for my supply of "Big Boy" Underwear and a gift from my parents, one fish in a bowl of water, I give my supply of diapers up and refuse to do #1 or #2 in my pants and will therefore make it to the "potty" each and everytime.  I will also at least try to "wipe" myself, especially on #2's.

I will honor and obey this Big Boy Contract as described above.



And so the first 12 hours have been completed succesfully.... off to go find a fish.... Maybe I can talk him into a football.... 

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  1. update to this To the Biggest contract blog post: Carter named his two fish today, one is "cheese" and the other is "wait". He kept hearing "wait" while trying to grab the fish at the store, that he just decided to name one "wait".