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Monday, April 18, 2011

Cincinatti Reds Pitcher Mike Leake Allegedly Arrested- C'mon Selig

Mike Leake, a one time pitching prospect and now starting pitcher, was allegedly arrested after loss prevention employee(s) at Macy's Department Store stopped Leake after apparently first catching him on security cameras.  He allegedly was caught stealing just less than $60.00 of merchandise at the store.

Leake is making approx $450,000 in salary this year and and recieved a $2.7 million dollar signing bonus in 2009. 

My view on this is, seriously, are you kidding me?  It wasn't like you were stealing food because you were hungry or you had kids that were hungry.  You were taking merchandise, not alot of it to make it worthwhile might I add, but you make "bank".  I seriously don't get it.  What is going on with these athletes?  Do they think they are entitled to things because of who they are?  Do they feel the need to get their "high" off of this?  Was he under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs?  These questions we do not know, probably won't ever.  But this stuff is getting old.

It's time for the "Commish" Bud Selig to seriously get involved in the day-to-day activities outside of these players in MLB.  I know there's alot of them, but Bud needs to implement rules for behavior off the field as well like the NFL has.  Why?  Because there seemingly isn't punishment for many things when a player does wrong outside of the stadium.  It's time we toughen up or athletes and realize if they do a crime and reflect poorly on the image of MLB, they need to take a hit in their million dollar contracts and bonuses as well and sit out a few games as well.  We want to punish those who are trying to get ahead in the game, how about we try to punish those who are trying to unlawfully get ahead in the outside world, especially when they shouldn't have too....  Either way its wrong and we need to send a better postive image to the future MLB players and fans.

If Selig doesn't want to acknowledge or interfere with these guys images and dealings outside of the stadium entrance, than maybe it's time we start focusing on a "Commish" that wants to manage and improve the image of its product on and off the field.  And to Mr. Leake, do things right here...  Learn from this "stupid" mistake and promote a positive image for yourself from here on out. 

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