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Friday, April 22, 2011

Gonna be quick....errr LA...LAKERS

I get it by now.  The Hornets game 1 win was a fluke.  I was hoping for different.  Me Being a Boston Celtics fan, I can't ever root for the Lakers, could I?  No, I can't.  Why did New Orleans get me all excited after game 1 and now everything in the middle is BORRRRING!  Why is it boring, because the Lakers are winning.  I'm not a fan of the lakers or Kobe, never will be, its just going to be that way and I'm sure many people feel the same about the Celtics and good for them.  I'm disappointed the Hornets aren't playing it closer, but before game 1, I didn't expect them to win a game.  I guess I should be happy with their 1 lost.  How bout' them Celtics though?

It's going to be very short tonite, long day and tired out.  I just wanted to point out the facts and that there will most likely be no illusion of a fairy tale team beating out my team's evil nemesis.  So it's simple to figure out, Hornets will lose, Lakers will win.  Dammit, but I get it.

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