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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cody Ross and Brian Wilson Join an Internet Sensation.... Keenan Cahill

I get it.  Keenan Cahill is an internet sensation!  This kid, or 16 year old(?) has got me to smile watching his youtube hits.  I thought his acting/singing to Teenage Dream was great, but now World Series SF Giants players Brian Wilson and Cody Ross join up with Keenan to perfom Dynamite.  Absolutely great, and the mascot of the Giants even joins in.

The Giants beat my Texas Rangers last year and I should despise these guys.  I should want to chew these guys up and spit on them, and than rub my nasty smelly shoe all over their crumbs.  But I can't now, maybe I'm too nice, or maybe Brian Wilson just scares the living double hockey sticks out of me.  And for those that don't follow baseball, he's not a Beach Boys Singer.  

Now after watching these guys with Keenan, I have to give them the respect they are due.  Not only can they play the game of baseball, they can have fun, and they too can join up with a kid and make another almost million views to Keenan's Youtube hit.  Keenan doesn't need these guys to get viewers, he gets them.  Yes, there are haters and people who may not like it.  But seriously, it's funny and some good stuff.  The kids has actions that just make the video that much better.  

So I'm sharing the video link for you below, and I hope you get a laugh out of it like I did.  If you think its good, make sure you view his other hits, especially Teenage Dream.

And to Keenan, buddy, you definitely "get it".

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