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Monday, April 4, 2011

Worth more than $2,356,320?

It's halftime as I write this.  Butler holds a three point advantage over UCONN in the 2011 National Championship Basketball game.  I'm personally rooting for Butler, always love to see the "underdogs" advance and win.  Both teams though have had an incredible run and both deserve much respect, no matter who wins or loses.

Last years championship game was an instant classic between Duke and Butler, and inches away from being one of the most amazing championship games in history.  So far this game has been a in-your-face defensive battle.  A little sloppy at times, but when both teams are giving a 100 percent pressure and effort, you can be sure that the ball is going to be harder to handle.  But it doesn't take away from this so far being a great game. 

This is going to be a short writing tonight as I plan on watching the rest of the game.  But before the second half starts, I ponder what Gordon Hayward is thinking right now.  Would he rather be playing in the NBA tonight or would he rather be playing in the National Championship game?  Does he regret his decision even more if Butler wins the National Championship?  It's a hard decision for anyone to make, especially at such a young age and with possible risk of injury during another college season.  So if you had your choice, what would it be?  A chance to win tonight's trophy and than turn pro?  Or a first year contract in the NBA that pays $2,356,320 this season?  In Gordon's defense, it's tough to turn down a possibility of finacial security for life.   

So is tonight's trophy to you worth more than $2,356,320? 

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