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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why you shouldn't play Sports Inside...

When I came across this video that will be at he bottom of the page, I couldn't help but laugh but at the same time, I thought to myself "Oh $#*!".  I mean really, how many times growing up did your family tell you not to play ball in the house. In this case, I guess you shouldn't "ski" in the house.  I mean really, if this video was set up, than you have a lot of uneeded money to blow in which case I don't believe this was anything but an epic fail of many sorts. 

But it brings in point a different view of how video games have replaced playing sports outside of the living room.  It wasn't long ago that I was growing up, in which I have detailed in previous blog posts how it was a nightly occurence of playing wiffle ball, basketball, tennis ball, and much much more outside until it was just too dark to see.  Growing up in the midwest, we had the fortune of playing "snow football" many times during the year.  But those were joys of "our world" before xbox, playstations, and wii's came along.  Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty as well of staying up all night playing Call of Dutys, or spending many countless hours playing Madden Football games or NCAA sports games.  At one time, I thought Wii Bowling was a nightly occurence and it was there that I first bowled my first "Perfect Game".  Reality doesn't sit in until a non-video game player reacts to our "ignorant" self-proclaimed video trophies of our recent accomplishments.  They aren't real, but to some, they really are. 

People are faced of not making the team, or not getting playing time, but on these video games, they can be the #1 player on their "team".  It's even got to a point where one company releases a baseball game and offers a million dollar prize to the first player to pitch a "perfect game".  The odds may actually be better than winning a grand prize on a Powerball or Mega Millions ticket, I'm not sure, but as a society we surely have taken a different path in our "recreational sports".

I remember playing catch in our long narrow downstairs basement with our brothers.  We were afraid do it when our parents were home, but we knew the "penalty" if something broke.  If a loud noise made, we all ran to our "laying down" spots when my father or mother came down stairs to investigate.  They weren't stupid, but they usually gave us the benefit of the doubt, but a serious stearn warning didn't always make us stop until something got broke or one of us got hurt.

Usually no-one got hurt unless we were having one of our famous weekend pro-wrestling at home events with our family and the Fraise cousins.  I usually acted as if I was King Kong Bundy or one of the Orient Expess or Road Warriors tag teams.  I usually lost to one of my cousins who portrayed being Big John Studd or the Demolition Tag Team.  Those were fun times, but yes, eventually someone got hurt and my parents weren't happy with our ignoring their statement of no rough-housing or sports in the house.

Did we ever learn??? Probably not... but than again we didn't have Plasma tv's too break as well...

Enjoy the video below and remember to play ALL sports outside where they belong.... or at least make sure your set-up is a little different.

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