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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stanzi is a KC Chief...

I'm pretty happy with the Chiefs selection of Ricky Stanzi.  If I liked tatoos, I'd probably get one like Stanzi that his him Born in the U.S.A. but my birthyear would replace his.  Not all people like Stanzi, I personally do.  He has his issues, but he's a guy that lives and dies by the American Dream.  The "Love it or Leave it" attitude.  I respect that from the young quarterback. 

I also am fortunate to live close by to the Chiefs Training Camp and hope the lockout ends so Stanzi comes to St. Joseph, Missouri and I get to see the sight of Moeaki and Stanzi together again but this time in Chiefs gear.  It's a great day for Hawkeyes and Chiefs fans. 

Great article on Espn on Stanzi, I've included it below.  GO CHIEFS!

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