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Monday, June 6, 2011

It's been a while... but Im gonna make a slight comeback... 10 thoughts on todays topics

Today's been one of those days, as I used a line from the song "Tonight, Tonight" to update my facebook status.  "La la la doesn't la la...oh la la."  It wasn't a horrible day, not even really a bad day, it was just a "blah" day.  I tried to call my State-Farm Agent for a mid-day cheer up of granting me my wishes, by yelling their slogan while traveling down the road.  And of course, like most agents, they didn't answer when I called.  I even googled the State Farm phrase to make sure I didn't mess up the words.  I didn't, but I was fooled into trying again, still nothing... and it wasn't like I could leave a message.  So I went on with my la la...oh la la.

I got home tonite and thought about today's popular sports stories headlines for the day.  And figured todays blog would just be a bunch of one liners or quick first reactions back at the stories I read with my initial reactions to each.

(A quick note, I've been busy as of late, dealing with personal issues in my life, and therefore haven't had the time to devote to my blog... though I hope to get back into it more and more in the coming weeks.)

Topic #1-  Plaxico Burress is released from jail and his agent said plenty of teams are interested in Plaxico joining their team.

My first thought:  Who would want a guy that isn't faster than a speeding bullet?  Well, I'm going to say Burress is signed before Superman to an NFL contract.  After Vick's turn-about to a starting QB after being in prison a few years, I'm sure there will be teams looking to get the next best former prison-convict. If the NFL doesn't have a season this year, maybe we can get ESPN to televise some prison football games and have a live draft next year inside of Alcatraz.

Topic #2- Heat beat Mavs in Game 3.

It was one of the best hard-fought NBA playoff games I've seen but seriously the Heat name on the front of their jerseys NEEDS to be changed to "We Three Kings and cast".  The Heat does get some production from their other players at time and they need 5 guys on the court but seriously, this team is only measured on Bosh, Wade, and James.  If those 3 fail, than they get the bashing, not the team.  If those 3 win, they get the credit, not the team.  If the Heat win it all, it will never be a Heat team win, it will be The Big 3 win.  They've made it that way by only showcasing the Big Three and everyone else is just a fill-in.  When they hold a team presser next time, have the team come, not just 3 guys and a few announcers.

Topic #3- Bruins vs Vancouver, Game 3 Stanley Cup

Simply put, sportsmanship has LEFT the building.  Passion is outstanding but these guys have decided to take what is illegal in the real world, and bring it to the arena and make it legal.  Again I love the passion, but by the end... how many players will be going out on stretchers, and how many fans might pull Dodgers-Giants fans type-of-fights.  Haven't we learned anything from that whole ordeal?  Im guessing not.

Topic #4- Carlos Zambrano apologies for criticizing Marmol.

How many times is Zambrano gonna roll up the Marmol cigarette and smoke him?  Can the Cubs figure out yet that they need to trade Zambrano to the Yankees so he can dismantle that franchise some.  Marmol's pitching effort might be embarassing, but Zambrano is embarassing.  I like that he's passionate and wants to win, but if he played with the Royals, he be suspended every night.  Actually I think they'd be smart to trade him to the Pirates and let him wittle away his life in that contract so he can piss and moan everynight.  It's not like the Cubs are going to win with him anyways, is it?

Topic #5- Ohio State is reveiwing their compliance

Do you not get it?  A university like Ohio State needs to figure this out?  Could you make your school look anymore foolish by not just saying, we screwed up now give us our lashings and let the scars begin to heal.  Tressel resigned for a REASON!  He should of been fired.  He cheated the system and his players did and than act like they didn't know.  ummmm... what didn't you know about exchanging benefits for benefits.  Your supposed to be a poor college athlete and get your high's from the championships, tradition, and winning games.  Instead, having the new "tat" is more important than being part of something special.  And these kids are graduating how?  Might want to check the school work next... hint hint.

Topic #6- Archie Manning expects Peyton to be okay

You wise reporter you.  Let's ask his dad instead of asking Peyton himself.  That's great journalism man.  Why didn't you ask a friend of a friend and get his statement too.  Peyton knows if he's going to play, so ask him.  What a wasteful interview.  What a waste of reading. 

Topic #7- USC stripped of National Championship.

Is Auburn next?  Oh wait, nope, because Cam didn't know anything about what his dad did.  I suppose Cam just thought his dad planted money growing trees in the back of the church and the sprinkled out hundreds of thousands of George Washington's and the Church was saved by a miracle of God.  Seriously, get real. 

Topic #8- Childress $150k fined for altercation with Busch

Its racing, dont really care.  BUT.... seriously was it work about 50k a punch.  A typical man would of seen jail time for allegedly throwing some haymakers.  Not in the racing world.  But it was in KC, most of the crime there goes unsolved anyways.

Topic #9- Cole selected #1 in MLB Draft by Pirates

1.  Your not Strasburg.  2. Your on the Pirates.  3. I'm sorry.

Final Topic #10- Dykstra charged with car theft and drug possession

Seriously, do you get a competitive advantage stealing cars by taking some growth hormone?  Tough as Nails has officially become a Loose Screw.

Until next time, I hope you get it.

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