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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A "Pryor" Thought

ESPN reported a story today that Terrelle Pryor has officially quit the Ohio State Buckeyes Football team for his senior season.

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Terrelle Pryor was worshiped by the Ohio State Buckeye fans.  He was the multi-talented quarterback that was supposed to lead the Buckeyes to Big Ten Titles and National Championships in his 4 years of service as the leader of the team.  He may have won games and played game with toughness that most people would be proud of.  He played thru injuries and carried his team to victories when sometimes there was doubt they would accomplish just that.  He was looked upto by many aspiring Ohio young football players and his talents brought many news people to Buckeye land to interview the hype that evolved around Pryor.  He was the real deal..... so we all thought.

Than comes the fiasco of the Ohio State football program this year that first led to suspensions, than to Tressel resigning as head coach, and now to this... Pryor leaving the team.  His lawyer issued a statement that stated this was "in the best interests of his teammates".  His earlier suspension of 5 games next season is no longer meaningful and he escapes the consequenses of his actions by forgoing what could of been a special season at one time for the Ohio State world.  Instead, Pryor will look to his future with a possible pick in the supplemental draft(if the NFL contract negotiations are finalized), train with a quarterbacks coach for a future NFL career, or join the Canadian Football league.  Maybe something else might happen too Mr. Pryor, you may end up never being heard again until 20 years from now when Sports Illustrated runs a story on "Where these once promising starts are Today".  It's not a stretch to say that really, because Pryor seems to have characteristics that doesn't make him a man in a Tough man's game, the NFL.

Pryor's earlier 5 game suspension ended his hopes for becoming a Heisman winner his senior season.  His suspension caused the teams National Championship hopes in question without him playing.  The recent allegations of his extra benefits from a car dealer actually put questions on his eligibility and possibly ruining their year of football either before or after the season or even maybe years down the road.  These things all helped lead to his decision to leave.

So this all leads me to question the future of Terrelle Pryor and his football career.  He reminds me of a once promising Ohio State player named Maurice Clarett.  Though the circumstances were different, they both made unwise decisions that hurt their careers at some point.  Does Pryor quitting now, hurt his career later?  I believe it does as Pryor will lose the potential of millions of dollars had he did what he should have in the first place and played college football under the rules of the book.  His antics was bad judgement in which he could of learned from, but now he leaves and forgot that he needed to accept his punishment instead of hiding from it all and trying to avoid the situation.  Pryor says he wants to do what was best for his teammates but is he?  Other members on his team are staying (so far) and accepting their punishment.  The rest of the team was counting on Pryor to lead them after his suspension to a Big Ten Championship and possibly more.  He's had all spring to quit, but still went to work in the spring and his teammates expected him to be there next season at some point.  He says he did nothing else wrong, well your actions now point to the belief that you would of been ruled ineligible at some point and than again, you weren't thinking of teammates, you were thinking of yourself.  Just like you thought about yourself when you chose some tattoos over the rules of college football.  Whether a person or not thinks its a dumb rule, its still a rule and others have been punished before you and so should of you.  Your not above any other collegiate level and your status as a college athlete is of that, you play for the passion, tradition, and love of college football.  Not for the benefits you "think" you deserve.  Your not looking out for your teammates, you have shown you only care about one thing, and that is yourself Mr. Pryor.

I don't know Mr. Pryor at all but his actions have proven that he's made error in his judgements.  It doesn't make him a terrible person or doesn't mean he can't turn-it-around.  But it does make me question his character, his integrity, and his loyalty to that of his teammates.  His errors have caused what could have been something special into a distraction that has led to alot of messes in the biggest university in Ohio.  He has failed to honor and accept his punishments personally which usually leads to people not learning from their mistakes.  Avoiding responsibility makes you less honorable.  A person who commits a crime or mistake can help overcome much more in life when they face it head on and do better for themselves.  I'm a person who has made mistakes and have had to face them head on.  It's not always easy, but you grow and learn from them and some notice and some don't.  But if you can hold your head high later, thats what matters most.  If you hide, like you are doing Mr. Pryor, that makes you unaccountable and most of all, a coward Mr. Pryor.

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