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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lebron's Acting in game 4 is a joke

Lebron James usually manhandles other players but during these NBA finals, he's decided to portray some acting skills than that of doing what he needs to the most... playing the game of basketball at the top level he can play.  What is up with Lebron???  Has he decided to remove himself from the biggest stage of his career?  Is he ready for this stage to be a champion?

I'm not a fan of the Miami Heat but I'm shocked by Lebron's recent play.  Had he been checked in these playoffs, these games could be of epic level.  But instead he's off in some other land(Reminds me a little of the Tiger Woods saga... but no story yet on Lebron's social life), and he's trying to act to receive fouls that aren't to get his points at the line.  After you watch this play, if I was coaching the Mavs, I'd probably had got more than just a technical...

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