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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NFL Lockout hurting more people than you know

In the middle of May, the Miami Dolphins CEO Mike Dee announced pay cuts according to The Miami Herald in which many staffers were affected.  Members of the staff that were making $75,000 a year, faced a 20 percent pay cut, those making between $50,000 and $75,000 faced a 15 percent cut, and anyone below $50,000 was hit with a 10 percent cut according to the published report.

Most of us when thinking of the NFL lockout situation usually think of only the players and owners salaries and sound off on how much money they already make and how its ridiculous that these people argue over the millions of dollars they are already taking in.  We think "greed".  Others get upset about missing football games for the upcoming season, how training camps may be affected, or am I paying for season tickets that they are holding my money waiting for an eventual outcome?  Than there are those who just don't care.

But when I read of this Dolphins story and the salaries that are being cut, I realized the potential of much much more that was really happening relating to the lockout situation.  I assumed others are affected, I know I personally am as well but never thought to what extent.  In my current career, we have a promotion that includes a pair of season tickets to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for a large sales order.  Without those purchases, a portion of my sales, commissions, and possibly bonuses could be affected without the season happening.  I really haven't thought of it much until now but also realize there is other opportunities for myself to "make-up" for those possible lost commissions by offering other promotions.  But those Dolphin' staffers who may be on a "set" salary make just be out of luck with their lost wages.  It's not only the Dolphins who are making changes but other teams are doing it as well.  Some are fortunate to not yet be affected.  The question I ponder mostly in this recent pay-cut is will these employees regain their former salaries if the lockout is ended in time?  I'm guessing that many will probably never get the thousands of dollars back in salary until after more years of service and annual raises.  That my friends is unfortunate.  But these are the times we are living in.  Its sad, but thats the economy these days, and for those who do have jobs, should be thankful for even having one.

Many people in the service industry who run the concessions in the stadiums, ticket sales-people along may never recover again for their lost wages as well.  Hotel industries may have all-time lows as well as grocery stores, convenience stores, and many others who depend on the tailgaiters and fans for those travelers who come to watch these NFL games.  These are just a small sample size as there is many more who could be affected as well as whole towns who depend on the training camps for increased funding for their cities.  It's something that we don't always think about when questioning whether or not there will be a NFL season or not.

It's a tough state and yes we will most likely survive if there isn't a season but times may be tougher for many if there is not.  The more and more the lockout goes on, the more and more it will affect the average person who is employed or makes some type of money off the NFL season.  So when people say "who cares?" if they have an NFL season or not, realize its just not the players and owners financial pocketbooks that will be affected.  It's many businesses and individuals as well.  And not to mention possibly everyone. 

Without a Super Bowl, television, newspapers, magazines, and internet sites will lose millions and millions of dollars in commercial and ad revenues.  They will have to determine a way to make up for these lost revenues as well.  It may result in more job losses but also may most likely increase your rates in all these avenues as well. 

It's sad to think that our economy could get worse by a sport like the NFL.  But really, this labor contract could possibly affect us all.  You may not think it, realize it, or think it's that big of a deal.  But really it is and hopefully after reading this, you may just now get it...

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