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Monday, June 13, 2011

Lebron James is "Too Good" to be a champion

I too was excited to see the "Lebron James' era" in the NBA.  I'm more of a fan of the NBA during the playoffs and during huge events or games during the season.  The reason could possibly be because theres is no franchise in the Kansas City area.  But when special players come along, I like to watch and see what they do on the court.  Lebron James was one of those guys who I thought was "special".  He seemed like a man when he first entered the league.  He seemed almost polished and had the skill to become that of the next Jordan.  His dunks were dazzling, his play was incredible, and his talent seemed unmeasurable.  But the more and more I watched of LBJ, the more and more I disliked.  It wasn't his passion of the game that "irked" me.  It was his over-sized ego.  Yep, a big ego.  If you don't believe James has one, your fooled by him and can't account for every mistake he does with some excuse that makes it right for him to do what he does.  If your on the Lebron bandwagon its your choice, but I won't jump on, even if he rattles off the next six championships.  If he changes his attitude, I may one day decide that he's a better man, but for now, I'm not even close.

I love passion for sports, and the occasional trash-talking, or shovin' and bumpin' doesn't bother me as long as in the end, it stays on the court.  Athletes who have a persona about them that they are above and beyond all people in the world is what rubs me the wrong way.  It's kind of like the "hot" girl in high school who is too "stuck-up" to give you the time of the day.  They may be intriguing for a time, but in the end, you have nothing good to say about them when it really matters.  Lebron is kind of like that guy.  I can say he is talented, but he's not a champion athlete...yet.  He could figure out that his "decision" and post-game comments are a lousy way to gain acceptance from most civilized people.  Alienating people only seems to work for fans(of your team) when your doing well and in professional wrestling.  Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are a few of only certain people that can be liked when they're bad or good guys.  But there's still going to be some haters. 

Last night during the NBA finals, the Dallas Mavericks became America's team.  For that matter, they became the World's team.  They became a champion by playing like a team and picking up their teammates when they were down.  They did it with guts, glory, passion, and a positive attitude.  Wade and Bosh just happened to have a teammate "poster boy" who thinks too highly of himself that his attitude has diminished everything that is so great about him, Lebron James.  It didn't start with his changing teams, it actually began from what I've saw in Cleveland.  The video link below is short and shows just how he acts around a ballboy or laundryboy in Cleveland.  I understand he wants to focus and cares about the game and blah, blah, blah.  Thats what it is... all blah.  He doesn't care about the people that are trying to help him.  Just watch the video and think to yourself... would I treat someone like this...

Champions are champions for a reason.  We look up to them, they win, and most of all they have heart and desire to be one.  The put passion in compassion and win not only for them, but for everyone else around them.  Lebron has millions to make him happy, but the saying always goes, "money doesn't buy happiness".  Maybe one day it will and the Heat will win a championship, but unless Lebron changes, I wouldn't consider him a champion.  Cause' at this moment, Lebron is "too good" to be a champion.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lebron's Acting in game 4 is a joke

Lebron James usually manhandles other players but during these NBA finals, he's decided to portray some acting skills than that of doing what he needs to the most... playing the game of basketball at the top level he can play.  What is up with Lebron???  Has he decided to remove himself from the biggest stage of his career?  Is he ready for this stage to be a champion?

I'm not a fan of the Miami Heat but I'm shocked by Lebron's recent play.  Had he been checked in these playoffs, these games could be of epic level.  But instead he's off in some other land(Reminds me a little of the Tiger Woods saga... but no story yet on Lebron's social life), and he's trying to act to receive fouls that aren't to get his points at the line.  After you watch this play, if I was coaching the Mavs, I'd probably had got more than just a technical...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NFL Lockout hurting more people than you know

In the middle of May, the Miami Dolphins CEO Mike Dee announced pay cuts according to The Miami Herald in which many staffers were affected.  Members of the staff that were making $75,000 a year, faced a 20 percent pay cut, those making between $50,000 and $75,000 faced a 15 percent cut, and anyone below $50,000 was hit with a 10 percent cut according to the published report.

Most of us when thinking of the NFL lockout situation usually think of only the players and owners salaries and sound off on how much money they already make and how its ridiculous that these people argue over the millions of dollars they are already taking in.  We think "greed".  Others get upset about missing football games for the upcoming season, how training camps may be affected, or am I paying for season tickets that they are holding my money waiting for an eventual outcome?  Than there are those who just don't care.

But when I read of this Dolphins story and the salaries that are being cut, I realized the potential of much much more that was really happening relating to the lockout situation.  I assumed others are affected, I know I personally am as well but never thought to what extent.  In my current career, we have a promotion that includes a pair of season tickets to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for a large sales order.  Without those purchases, a portion of my sales, commissions, and possibly bonuses could be affected without the season happening.  I really haven't thought of it much until now but also realize there is other opportunities for myself to "make-up" for those possible lost commissions by offering other promotions.  But those Dolphin' staffers who may be on a "set" salary make just be out of luck with their lost wages.  It's not only the Dolphins who are making changes but other teams are doing it as well.  Some are fortunate to not yet be affected.  The question I ponder mostly in this recent pay-cut is will these employees regain their former salaries if the lockout is ended in time?  I'm guessing that many will probably never get the thousands of dollars back in salary until after more years of service and annual raises.  That my friends is unfortunate.  But these are the times we are living in.  Its sad, but thats the economy these days, and for those who do have jobs, should be thankful for even having one.

Many people in the service industry who run the concessions in the stadiums, ticket sales-people along may never recover again for their lost wages as well.  Hotel industries may have all-time lows as well as grocery stores, convenience stores, and many others who depend on the tailgaiters and fans for those travelers who come to watch these NFL games.  These are just a small sample size as there is many more who could be affected as well as whole towns who depend on the training camps for increased funding for their cities.  It's something that we don't always think about when questioning whether or not there will be a NFL season or not.

It's a tough state and yes we will most likely survive if there isn't a season but times may be tougher for many if there is not.  The more and more the lockout goes on, the more and more it will affect the average person who is employed or makes some type of money off the NFL season.  So when people say "who cares?" if they have an NFL season or not, realize its just not the players and owners financial pocketbooks that will be affected.  It's many businesses and individuals as well.  And not to mention possibly everyone. 

Without a Super Bowl, television, newspapers, magazines, and internet sites will lose millions and millions of dollars in commercial and ad revenues.  They will have to determine a way to make up for these lost revenues as well.  It may result in more job losses but also may most likely increase your rates in all these avenues as well. 

It's sad to think that our economy could get worse by a sport like the NFL.  But really, this labor contract could possibly affect us all.  You may not think it, realize it, or think it's that big of a deal.  But really it is and hopefully after reading this, you may just now get it...

America's Fan Got Talent at Kansas City Royals Game

In case you missed an amazing foul ball catch the other night at a Kansas City Royals game, I've included a link to the video of the fan who caught the foul ball with his popcorn tub.  It's a nice catch and makes him catch some popularity for a short time.  Anyways... Great catch Orville!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A "Pryor" Thought

ESPN reported a story today that Terrelle Pryor has officially quit the Ohio State Buckeyes Football team for his senior season.

See Full Story here:

Terrelle Pryor was worshiped by the Ohio State Buckeye fans.  He was the multi-talented quarterback that was supposed to lead the Buckeyes to Big Ten Titles and National Championships in his 4 years of service as the leader of the team.  He may have won games and played game with toughness that most people would be proud of.  He played thru injuries and carried his team to victories when sometimes there was doubt they would accomplish just that.  He was looked upto by many aspiring Ohio young football players and his talents brought many news people to Buckeye land to interview the hype that evolved around Pryor.  He was the real deal..... so we all thought.

Than comes the fiasco of the Ohio State football program this year that first led to suspensions, than to Tressel resigning as head coach, and now to this... Pryor leaving the team.  His lawyer issued a statement that stated this was "in the best interests of his teammates".  His earlier suspension of 5 games next season is no longer meaningful and he escapes the consequenses of his actions by forgoing what could of been a special season at one time for the Ohio State world.  Instead, Pryor will look to his future with a possible pick in the supplemental draft(if the NFL contract negotiations are finalized), train with a quarterbacks coach for a future NFL career, or join the Canadian Football league.  Maybe something else might happen too Mr. Pryor, you may end up never being heard again until 20 years from now when Sports Illustrated runs a story on "Where these once promising starts are Today".  It's not a stretch to say that really, because Pryor seems to have characteristics that doesn't make him a man in a Tough man's game, the NFL.

Pryor's earlier 5 game suspension ended his hopes for becoming a Heisman winner his senior season.  His suspension caused the teams National Championship hopes in question without him playing.  The recent allegations of his extra benefits from a car dealer actually put questions on his eligibility and possibly ruining their year of football either before or after the season or even maybe years down the road.  These things all helped lead to his decision to leave.

So this all leads me to question the future of Terrelle Pryor and his football career.  He reminds me of a once promising Ohio State player named Maurice Clarett.  Though the circumstances were different, they both made unwise decisions that hurt their careers at some point.  Does Pryor quitting now, hurt his career later?  I believe it does as Pryor will lose the potential of millions of dollars had he did what he should have in the first place and played college football under the rules of the book.  His antics was bad judgement in which he could of learned from, but now he leaves and forgot that he needed to accept his punishment instead of hiding from it all and trying to avoid the situation.  Pryor says he wants to do what was best for his teammates but is he?  Other members on his team are staying (so far) and accepting their punishment.  The rest of the team was counting on Pryor to lead them after his suspension to a Big Ten Championship and possibly more.  He's had all spring to quit, but still went to work in the spring and his teammates expected him to be there next season at some point.  He says he did nothing else wrong, well your actions now point to the belief that you would of been ruled ineligible at some point and than again, you weren't thinking of teammates, you were thinking of yourself.  Just like you thought about yourself when you chose some tattoos over the rules of college football.  Whether a person or not thinks its a dumb rule, its still a rule and others have been punished before you and so should of you.  Your not above any other collegiate level and your status as a college athlete is of that, you play for the passion, tradition, and love of college football.  Not for the benefits you "think" you deserve.  Your not looking out for your teammates, you have shown you only care about one thing, and that is yourself Mr. Pryor.

I don't know Mr. Pryor at all but his actions have proven that he's made error in his judgements.  It doesn't make him a terrible person or doesn't mean he can't turn-it-around.  But it does make me question his character, his integrity, and his loyalty to that of his teammates.  His errors have caused what could have been something special into a distraction that has led to alot of messes in the biggest university in Ohio.  He has failed to honor and accept his punishments personally which usually leads to people not learning from their mistakes.  Avoiding responsibility makes you less honorable.  A person who commits a crime or mistake can help overcome much more in life when they face it head on and do better for themselves.  I'm a person who has made mistakes and have had to face them head on.  It's not always easy, but you grow and learn from them and some notice and some don't.  But if you can hold your head high later, thats what matters most.  If you hide, like you are doing Mr. Pryor, that makes you unaccountable and most of all, a coward Mr. Pryor.

Monday, June 6, 2011

It's been a while... but Im gonna make a slight comeback... 10 thoughts on todays topics

Today's been one of those days, as I used a line from the song "Tonight, Tonight" to update my facebook status.  "La la la doesn't la la...oh la la."  It wasn't a horrible day, not even really a bad day, it was just a "blah" day.  I tried to call my State-Farm Agent for a mid-day cheer up of granting me my wishes, by yelling their slogan while traveling down the road.  And of course, like most agents, they didn't answer when I called.  I even googled the State Farm phrase to make sure I didn't mess up the words.  I didn't, but I was fooled into trying again, still nothing... and it wasn't like I could leave a message.  So I went on with my la la...oh la la.

I got home tonite and thought about today's popular sports stories headlines for the day.  And figured todays blog would just be a bunch of one liners or quick first reactions back at the stories I read with my initial reactions to each.

(A quick note, I've been busy as of late, dealing with personal issues in my life, and therefore haven't had the time to devote to my blog... though I hope to get back into it more and more in the coming weeks.)

Topic #1-  Plaxico Burress is released from jail and his agent said plenty of teams are interested in Plaxico joining their team.

My first thought:  Who would want a guy that isn't faster than a speeding bullet?  Well, I'm going to say Burress is signed before Superman to an NFL contract.  After Vick's turn-about to a starting QB after being in prison a few years, I'm sure there will be teams looking to get the next best former prison-convict. If the NFL doesn't have a season this year, maybe we can get ESPN to televise some prison football games and have a live draft next year inside of Alcatraz.

Topic #2- Heat beat Mavs in Game 3.

It was one of the best hard-fought NBA playoff games I've seen but seriously the Heat name on the front of their jerseys NEEDS to be changed to "We Three Kings and cast".  The Heat does get some production from their other players at time and they need 5 guys on the court but seriously, this team is only measured on Bosh, Wade, and James.  If those 3 fail, than they get the bashing, not the team.  If those 3 win, they get the credit, not the team.  If the Heat win it all, it will never be a Heat team win, it will be The Big 3 win.  They've made it that way by only showcasing the Big Three and everyone else is just a fill-in.  When they hold a team presser next time, have the team come, not just 3 guys and a few announcers.

Topic #3- Bruins vs Vancouver, Game 3 Stanley Cup

Simply put, sportsmanship has LEFT the building.  Passion is outstanding but these guys have decided to take what is illegal in the real world, and bring it to the arena and make it legal.  Again I love the passion, but by the end... how many players will be going out on stretchers, and how many fans might pull Dodgers-Giants fans type-of-fights.  Haven't we learned anything from that whole ordeal?  Im guessing not.

Topic #4- Carlos Zambrano apologies for criticizing Marmol.

How many times is Zambrano gonna roll up the Marmol cigarette and smoke him?  Can the Cubs figure out yet that they need to trade Zambrano to the Yankees so he can dismantle that franchise some.  Marmol's pitching effort might be embarassing, but Zambrano is embarassing.  I like that he's passionate and wants to win, but if he played with the Royals, he be suspended every night.  Actually I think they'd be smart to trade him to the Pirates and let him wittle away his life in that contract so he can piss and moan everynight.  It's not like the Cubs are going to win with him anyways, is it?

Topic #5- Ohio State is reveiwing their compliance

Do you not get it?  A university like Ohio State needs to figure this out?  Could you make your school look anymore foolish by not just saying, we screwed up now give us our lashings and let the scars begin to heal.  Tressel resigned for a REASON!  He should of been fired.  He cheated the system and his players did and than act like they didn't know.  ummmm... what didn't you know about exchanging benefits for benefits.  Your supposed to be a poor college athlete and get your high's from the championships, tradition, and winning games.  Instead, having the new "tat" is more important than being part of something special.  And these kids are graduating how?  Might want to check the school work next... hint hint.

Topic #6- Archie Manning expects Peyton to be okay

You wise reporter you.  Let's ask his dad instead of asking Peyton himself.  That's great journalism man.  Why didn't you ask a friend of a friend and get his statement too.  Peyton knows if he's going to play, so ask him.  What a wasteful interview.  What a waste of reading. 

Topic #7- USC stripped of National Championship.

Is Auburn next?  Oh wait, nope, because Cam didn't know anything about what his dad did.  I suppose Cam just thought his dad planted money growing trees in the back of the church and the sprinkled out hundreds of thousands of George Washington's and the Church was saved by a miracle of God.  Seriously, get real. 

Topic #8- Childress $150k fined for altercation with Busch

Its racing, dont really care.  BUT.... seriously was it work about 50k a punch.  A typical man would of seen jail time for allegedly throwing some haymakers.  Not in the racing world.  But it was in KC, most of the crime there goes unsolved anyways.

Topic #9- Cole selected #1 in MLB Draft by Pirates

1.  Your not Strasburg.  2. Your on the Pirates.  3. I'm sorry.

Final Topic #10- Dykstra charged with car theft and drug possession

Seriously, do you get a competitive advantage stealing cars by taking some growth hormone?  Tough as Nails has officially become a Loose Screw.

Until next time, I hope you get it.