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Monday, June 13, 2011

Lebron James is "Too Good" to be a champion

I too was excited to see the "Lebron James' era" in the NBA.  I'm more of a fan of the NBA during the playoffs and during huge events or games during the season.  The reason could possibly be because theres is no franchise in the Kansas City area.  But when special players come along, I like to watch and see what they do on the court.  Lebron James was one of those guys who I thought was "special".  He seemed like a man when he first entered the league.  He seemed almost polished and had the skill to become that of the next Jordan.  His dunks were dazzling, his play was incredible, and his talent seemed unmeasurable.  But the more and more I watched of LBJ, the more and more I disliked.  It wasn't his passion of the game that "irked" me.  It was his over-sized ego.  Yep, a big ego.  If you don't believe James has one, your fooled by him and can't account for every mistake he does with some excuse that makes it right for him to do what he does.  If your on the Lebron bandwagon its your choice, but I won't jump on, even if he rattles off the next six championships.  If he changes his attitude, I may one day decide that he's a better man, but for now, I'm not even close.

I love passion for sports, and the occasional trash-talking, or shovin' and bumpin' doesn't bother me as long as in the end, it stays on the court.  Athletes who have a persona about them that they are above and beyond all people in the world is what rubs me the wrong way.  It's kind of like the "hot" girl in high school who is too "stuck-up" to give you the time of the day.  They may be intriguing for a time, but in the end, you have nothing good to say about them when it really matters.  Lebron is kind of like that guy.  I can say he is talented, but he's not a champion athlete...yet.  He could figure out that his "decision" and post-game comments are a lousy way to gain acceptance from most civilized people.  Alienating people only seems to work for fans(of your team) when your doing well and in professional wrestling.  Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are a few of only certain people that can be liked when they're bad or good guys.  But there's still going to be some haters. 

Last night during the NBA finals, the Dallas Mavericks became America's team.  For that matter, they became the World's team.  They became a champion by playing like a team and picking up their teammates when they were down.  They did it with guts, glory, passion, and a positive attitude.  Wade and Bosh just happened to have a teammate "poster boy" who thinks too highly of himself that his attitude has diminished everything that is so great about him, Lebron James.  It didn't start with his changing teams, it actually began from what I've saw in Cleveland.  The video link below is short and shows just how he acts around a ballboy or laundryboy in Cleveland.  I understand he wants to focus and cares about the game and blah, blah, blah.  Thats what it is... all blah.  He doesn't care about the people that are trying to help him.  Just watch the video and think to yourself... would I treat someone like this...

Champions are champions for a reason.  We look up to them, they win, and most of all they have heart and desire to be one.  The put passion in compassion and win not only for them, but for everyone else around them.  Lebron has millions to make him happy, but the saying always goes, "money doesn't buy happiness".  Maybe one day it will and the Heat will win a championship, but unless Lebron changes, I wouldn't consider him a champion.  Cause' at this moment, Lebron is "too good" to be a champion.

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