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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where will Stanzi go?

Ricky Stanzi, the quarteback from Iowa has been projected all over-the-board in various mock drafts.  Some predict he's capable of being a first round draft pick all the way to mid to late end-of-the-draft type of quarterback.  I've seen some latest drafts having Seattle or Minnesota taking him in the second round a few picks before another fellow Hawkeye Tyler Sash.  Personally, I believe he will be one of the better future NFL quarterbacks in the league.  His comparisons to Tom Brady can be linked but nobody is like that of Tom Brady.  But Stanzi does have statistics that can be compared to at the collegiate level of Tom Brady. 

Stanzi may end up in the second round to one of those teams that need a quarterback.  The Chiefs may end up picking Stanzi in the 3rd round as well.  The Seahawks are interested as well.  One of these teams will choose Stanzi and may get the QB of the draft.  He's been under the radar before and performed with poise and passion for the game and his play.  He may not be everyone's perfect quarterback or on everyone's draft want lists.  But if your wanting a quarterback who's willing to wait in the shadows, who will try his best and perform, there's a guy named Ricky Stanzi.  Cam Newton may have the sportlight, and other quarterbacks may get picked before Stanzi.  But for the team that drafts Ricky Stanzi, they definitely get it.

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