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Friday, April 29, 2011

A 1 year old with soccer skills...

I grew up playing soccer, so did my at least two of my older brothers.  Not sure on my oldest brother if he ever played or not, I actually can't recall him playing the game of soccer, his dream I believe was to be a baseball player, jacking homeruns for the Cubs.  Most of my friends, classmates played soccer since we were young and did throughout high shool.  As we grew older, our teams were usually good, probably because we played together all the time. 

But it's kids like the kid in the video below that probably start at such a young age that truly turn kids into future stars and champions.  It usually starts with a parents dreams wanting so "much" for their kids that they mold these kids from day 1 into fierce competitors.  Is it right for a parent to do that?  It's not really for me to judge others parenting skills, as you should really only focus on what's best for you and your kids.  There are times, where you may need to speak up when you see something that shouldn't be happening like abuse, etc.  But parents molding a kid at a young age usually in the sports world is sometimes looked down upon by other parents who think they are pressuring their kid too much.  Maybe they are, but maybe they are just wanting more for their kids in life too, its not a fact, just a matter of opinion. 

Athletes many times are more popular or have a higher social status with other kids in school.  Athletes who are succesful(which is rare in most cases) receive college scholarships and if they are fortunate to become a pro athlete, make much more than the average salary of the working-class.  Athletes gain fame locally and regionally by peers, adults, or anyone that takes interest in sports.  Seldom does a person get published in the paper for being ordinary, but many high school athletes make the paper nightly for the stats in the sports world.  It doesn't make it right, but its something to ponder on.  It's okay to want more for your children, but they may not turn out to be what you hoped they would be.  If they aren't the athlete that you had hoped or strived for, it doesn't mean you failed or the kids a failure, it just wasn't in their genes to be what you thought they should be.  It doesn't mean you shouldn't love them as much or any differently than you would if they were the kid in the band, the unpopular kid, or any other sorts. 

But don't blame a parent for trying to help their kid to become more as well.  If they are being pushed beyond their means or it's not something they want to do, hopefully the parent will be able to see it or the kids lets them know. 

Here's a kid on video that seems to enjoy his skills at such a young age, he may have future talent, but it doesn't appear as if a parent is doing anything wrong, just teaching this kids had to score...... and it looks fun.  I definitely get it.

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