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Sunday, April 17, 2011

welcome to my blog...

Todays April 17th, 2011 and for those that don't know, it's my birthday today.  Another year of living and this past year has been a pretty good one for the most part.  So I just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate everyone who has came and read a post.  Some people ask, whats with all the ads?  Well, those ads if you click on them, actually help pay me for my time on this site.  It's nothing to worry about really, but feel free to click on one every once in a while if you like.  And no, it's not like you make rich people's money off of them.  The one's for Amazon really are nothing, the better one's are the other ads that arent Amazon.  But again, it doesn't really mattter, I just wanted to explain why they are there for those that didn't know. 

As we approach a 1000 unique visitors to the site, I want you to know that I know all stories don't always entertain you.  Some are going to be short and witty, while others are longer.  Some may just be a promo or a spot(helps with future opportunities) and some may just be a short guide to visit a video or another site.  Why is it like this?  Well, some of these are hopefully going to help bring future opportunities for other things.  Eventually I hope to do some promos, contests, etc. where you can get some cool free(legit) prizes.  And some of these other quick videos and other types of blogs are really to get other types of viewers here and give the blog a chance.

Anyways, I'm always open to ideas, suggestions, etc.  I welcome you to the blog.  Also feel free to always promote the site as well by adding a story you like to your twitter account or facebook page. 

Again thanks and welcome to Nick's Notes.

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