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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ohio State (OSU) Needs to Fire Jim Tressel

Winning is important, I get it.  But knowingly cheating to get those wins shouldn't be accepted in college athletics.  Jim Tressel knew his players was doing wrong and his emails to others proves those facts.  Jim Tressel decided it was important to cover it up and not let university officials know of the findings, because winning was more important at the moment.

I've been to the 'shoe and watched Ohio State play.  The atmosphere was outstanding and there's not many that put on a better show of college football than they do in Columbus, Ohio.  Buckeye fans consider Ohio State football as their pro team even though several pro teams are within distance of Buckeye land.  The crowd sings together and all marvel when the band member dots the "i" every home game.  Ohio State football is an excellent product thats not a hard sell. 

Tressel isn't well liked by all the fans.  His choice of style of play has thrown some fans into tantrums and wanted him "ousted" before.  Tressel might be a good or even great overall coach.  But he's not above the program and he isn't the only ambassador for Ohio State Football.  Most universities look beyond the cheating, scandals, etc.when their coach is considered "elite".  Ohio State doesn't need to and shouldn't.  Tressel isn't Ohio State.  Ohio State is Ohio State.  The program is top notch and will be with or without Tressel in the future.  There may be a "downturn" if any sanctions exist that hurts the program for a short time.  But a few years after, I'm sure Ohio State will be right back in the running for Big Ten and National Championships. 

Tressel simply putting it, cheated.  He cheated his players, his team, his university, his job, and his integrity.  He let down many people, and he may be the most successuful hated coach Ohio State has ever had.  His record may be great, but his reputation may have the biggest losing record.  He earned that loss of respect and integrity.  Can he or should he have a second chance if Ohio State does eventually fire him?  He could and probably should as people do make mistakes and second chances should be granted and taken advantage of.  But if that second chance happens, will Tressel get it?

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