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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baseball Season: The Concession Stand

Baseball season has opened up today.  Seems so long ago that I started with t-ball and moved on to little league, pony league, and on to jr. high/high school baseball.  Those were fun times and it was great to play against neighbors or schoolmates on different teams.  Those who didn't enjoy the game as much, still had one thing in common as those who loved the game more: THE CONCESSION STAND!

You would think businesses would take notice as the best way to market a new product or see what kids were buying was through the concession stand.  We showed up early to buy gobs of gum with are nickels and dimes or got some sunflower seeds to make a mess in the dugout.  After the game was over, whether we won or loss, we raced once again to the concession stand but this time to indulge in candy and soda.  This is where we took notice of all the new candy items, its also where I was first introduced to Mamba's.  I usually picked up a few Jolly Rancher sticks(are these even made anymore???). 

But I think everyone's enjoyment was the soda they were drinking.  I would say the majority of the kids were wound up and thought it was cool, hip, dangerous, and lived on the "wild side" by asking for the almighty "suicide".  For those unaware of what a suicide was, it was a drink of unequal, unmeasured porportions of all the sodas on the pre-mix fountain tank.  I preferred Dr. Pepper/7up/Root Beer/and a splash of diet.  Who cares what it tasted like(actually was pretty good) but it was the drink that made us feel like a popular kid.  It gave us feelings of "coolness".

So here's my thoughts for the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Inventors.  Make a drink, called "Mixxed-UP" and target it as the The Concession Stand's National Pastime during Major League Baseball.  Let kids relive the glory of a finished ball game with a bottle or can of "Mixxed-UP". 

So did you ever partake in a "suicide"?  What flavors did you use? 

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