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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just a few answers to some questions I have recieved...

Thanks to all those fans from various sites and from word-of-mouth.  In one of these blogs or on the future website, I will provide thankyous and links to all those sites that have generated leads to my blog here.  But I wanted to just quickly send a message out to some questions.

-I am currently working on having the stanzi city shirt available in some youth sizes(print wont fit on all the smaller sizes). 

-I am currently working on adding long sleeve red stanzi city shirts as well. Possibly the white shirt as well.

-People may be having trouble with google checkout or unsure what it is.  Its similar to paypal.  I thought it was quite simple to use but you may have trouble accessing it from some phones.  I recommend using a home computer.

-I am currently working on trying to have a website up soon with a better and easier checkout as well.  But this takes time.

-Some shirts ship as soon as you buy them, others may take days or longer because we are out of the size or had issues.  The white shirts had some issues at first and will be arriving to you soon.  I get them out as fast as possible once the production is in.  if you questions, I try to respond quickly as well.

-Other shirts I have posted will be available soon.  I am working on many aspects currently to get them available for sale as soon as possible.  These items at this time are or should not be available anywhere but thru me.  In the future, I have been in contact to have some stores/bars carry some of the shirts but at this time, this is the only place to buy the stanzi city shirt or any other shirt that ive created when it becomes available.

-The Bo Don't Know Iowa shirt has already garnered many emails on its availability... It has not been produced yet but eventually will be.  This shirt probably will be a limited time production/shirt.  So any interest in this shirt, please email me and I can contact you when it becomes available.

-If you prefer to have an invoice sent to you or pay over the phone, please email me at and I can do those things as well.  I'm not always available but will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

-I will be creating future shirts, probably for other things as well.  I'll be updating as I go on the blog for now until a site is up and going and than I will probably still continue to use this blog.

-Please also follow me on twitter @nickauge and you can also send messages there as well.

-I appreciate the Stanzi City following that has been created and I enjoy seeing the pics people send, please feel free to email me those as well.

Again, hope I answered some questions, please contact me for any questions, comments, or requests.

thanks again


Stanzi City

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