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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We've created a facebook page and contest!

I've created a facebook page for the Stanzi City Shirts to allow people to find us a little bit easier as well now.  I will post updates as well and other information on there from time to time. 

I am also unleashing the Stanzi City Chiefs Hoodie here in the coming days that will be available for sale.  I am thinking of running a special from Black Friday thru Cyber Monday on the hoodie and than it will go to base price from there. 

I am also looking for pictures to post on facebook of you wearing the shirt or you just taking the picture of someone wearing the shirt.  I am going to have a contest that will run thru Dec 12th to win a Hoodie for the best picture submitted and it will be judged by me.  It can be serious, funny, off the wall, normal, doesn't matter but I will choose with what I think is a great picture.  You can submit as many pictures you want on the facebook wall or by emailing me at  I am looking for a picture that will be a great promotional tool as well.  All pictures submitted give me the granted permission to use for any promotional purposes I so choose.  I will not alter any image that will degrade the image of anyone in the picture as well. 

More to come soon.  Please like the facebook page.  Thanks again for all your fun and support!

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