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Monday, October 24, 2011

Not California girls but Iowa Gurls

So I caught this video on You Tube today.  I've heard about it, seen some facebook posts on it but finally took the time to actually watch it in full.  I am a little confused, its funny, catchy, the rapper is pretty decent, but you make fun of the state you love.  But I kinda get it as most of the things said and done are staples of Iowa living.  What most of the country harasses Iowa fans about, is actually proved true in theory of who and what we come from.  Not all of us, but many of us have all experienced many of the aspects of this video.  Whether or not you think its dumb, lame, funny, or good... its a clever parody of the California Girls song.  The video itsself is pretty enjoyable especially when the one young girl messes up on the beer bong.  I mean, how many people do that every tailgate in Iowa, more than you know.  Anyways, catch the video here...

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