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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stanzi City Shirt Sales to benefit Children's Hospital

Recently, I proposed an idea of giving back on the Stanzi City Chiefs shirt.  I had contacted Mary Jane Stanzi about having a portion of each sale going to a charity of Ricky's choice and their thoughts on the idea.  I was contacted back and the organization to benefit from shirt sales will be the University of Iowa Children's Hospital.  You can visit their website link here

With the different options and price points of each shirt, I've decided that a minimum of 10 percent of each sale will go towards the hospital.  I've also thought of looking at other organizations as well for another 5 percent as well.   Maybe something in the Kansas City area or maybe even the United Way.  But for now a ten percent dontation will be made on each shirt sold.  I will post results as donations are made.  I will probably do this on a monthly cycle and post results as well and post photos of the donations made.

When Stanzi becomes a starter, I'm sure the donations will increase greatly on shirts sold.  If you haven't seen the shirt, please check some of my previous posts for the shirts.  If you have purchased the shirt I hope you have wore the shirt proudly as I have.

I also want to say a special thanks to former Hawkeye DJK for the support he has given on the shirt the past few days.  Feel free to retweet this or post on your facebook page as well by using the buttons below.

Again thanks to all and enjoy the fun with #stanzicity

Nickolas Auge

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  1. Quick update on this, I will be announcing at the beginning of December of what our first total will be in donation to the Iowa Childrens Hospital. Thanks to all!