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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stanzi City Chiefs Green Shirt For Greenwood

 It's always nice to see other fans support those who having unexpected events take place in their lives.  When owner Sean Thompson came up with the benefit for supporting a Greenwood cause, I also wanted to help give back to help support a Hawkeye.  I've donated some of the basic stanzi shirts as well but I've also created one shirt each in small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large that will only be sold at this event in the Stanzi City Chiefs theme but in the color green.  Yes we all know that Chiefs don't wear green but the "green for greenwood" campaign at Kinnick was greatly supported and I thought, why not Green for a day for Stanzi City.  So these 1/1 shirts (except XL there are 2 made, one for myself for my personal collection) will be sold at the benefit October 18th in Des Moines.  Even if you are a proud Stanzi fan, the green may seem awkward to some who view it, but the cause behind it is much much more.  I'm not yet sure how they will be selling these green shirts but a 100 percent of the purchase price of these limited shirts will go to support the Greenwood cause.  If you are interested in purchasing this shirt and are unable to attend, I'm sure you may contact Sean at and see about the shirt.  Please also visit the page with details of the upcoming event and an auction for a wonderful Hawkeye memorabilia piece

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